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Muscle Relaxers Medication (Ditropan)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Generic Ditropan is a cheaper version of the brand-name medication with the same name sold in the U.S. The drug is identical by the composition, effect, and safety to the medication sold in America but is marketed and approved in other countries. The active substance of the medication is Oxybutynin. It is approved for the treatment of inability to control urination because of the unstable bladder of neurogenic nature or uncontrollable urination caused by detrusor hyperreflexia. The drug can be used in adults with the disorders that cause the symptom and children over 5 years of age with nocturnal enuresis. The dosage for adults is 5 mg taken 2-3 times a day. The starting dosage for children is from 2.5 to 3 mg taken 2 times a day. The dosage can be increased, if required, to 5 mg taken 2 times a day. The last intake should be before going to bed.
Neurogenic bladder, Urinary incontinence (idiopathic nature), Nocturnal enuresis
The medication helps coping with bladder conditions in which urinary incontinence occurs
Cipla - Caring for life
Cipla - Caring for life

Sun Pharma
Sun Pharma
Oxyspas, Oxibutinina, Oxytrol
Ditropan (Generic Oxybutynin)
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Short drug info
Trade names Ditropan, Oxyspas, Oxibutinina, Oxytrol, others
Routes of administration By mouth, transdermal gel, transdermal patch
Pregnancy category
AU: B1

US: B (No risk in non-human studies)
Legal status

AU: S4 (Prescription only)

CA: Rx-only

UK: POM (Prescription only)

US: Rx-only and OTC

Protein binding 91–93%
Elimination half-life 12.4–13.2 hours

Since you are visiting this page, we assume that you are looking for a way to buy Generic Ditropan cheap. Look no further, you have already found the best way to buy the medication from! But before, read the medication guide carefully and talk to your doctor or pharmacists prior to starting using the drug.

History of Generic Oxybutynin

The medication currently known as Generic Oxybutynin was developed by the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis. After the exclusive patent of the medication inventor expired, the drug became available under a variety of different trade names such as Lyrinel XL, Uripan, Lenditro, and others. Such drugs are collectively referred to as Generic Ditropan or Generic Oxybutynin. They are all based on the same active substance, Oxybutynin, and the formula developed by Sanofi Aventis.

When is Oxybutynin currently used?

Most commonly, the preparation is utilized to cope with urinary incontinence (inability to control urination) due to the unstable bladder of neurogenic nature or uncontrollable urination caused by detrusor hyperreflexia. It can occur due to multiple sclerosis or spina bifida, and in other conditions, including those of idiopathic nature.  You can also buy Generic Ditropan to treat nocturnal enuresis (urination during the sleep) in children older than 5 years. The drug can be used as a monotherapy or combined with other medications aimed to eliminate the underlying cause of the condition.

How does Generic Ditropan medication act?

The active substance of the preparation is an M-cholinoblocker from the group of tertiary amines. Along with moderate anticholinergic activity (blocking of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the central and the peripheral nervous system), it can directly affect the smooth muscles of internal organs (myotropic antispasmodic action). The drug removes spasms and minimizes the tone of smooth muscles of internal organs such as digestive tract organs, biliary tract, uterus, genitourinary system, and bladder. In the neurogenic bladder, Generic Ditropan relaxes bladder detrusor (smooth muscle in the wall of the bladder), reduces the involuntary contractions of the detrusor, increases the capacity of the bladder, and reduces the frequency of urges to urinate.

Is there a difference between the brand medication and generic?

There is no difference between the brand medication and so-called generics in the composition, effect, and safety. The differences between the drugs are their prices and trade names. Generics are made on the basis of the same formula and substances as the brand-name medication but are priced cheaper because they are made by the pharmaceutical companies that didn’t invent the medication but were granted the right to make it and sell by the authorities when the inventor’s exclusive patent expired.

The advantage of buying a generic is that you can save a considerable amount of money if you opt to buy Generic Ditropan cheap online without a prescription. Not only the less-advertised versions of the medication are cheaper, you can also get them without going to your doctor to get a prescription every time you need a refill.

How to use Generic Ditropan?

The drug is supplied in a form of oral tablets that are taken in the following manner:
- Adults should take 5 mg 2-3 times a day.
- Elderly patients, at the beginning of the treatment course, should take 2.5-3 mg 2 times a day. Further, if necessary, the dosage can be gradually increased to 5 mg 2 times a day.
- Children older than 5 years should be administered an initial dose of 2.5-3 mg 2 times a day. Further, if necessary, the dosage can be gradually increased to 5 mg 2-3 times a day. In nocturnal enuresis, the last dosage should be taken immediately before bedtime.

Whom the drug is contraindicated?

You should not buy Generic Ditropan and use it if you, or a person whom you want to buy the medication for is suffering from: violation of the urine outflow from the bladder; bowel obstruction; intestinal atony; severe ulcerative colitis; expansion of the colon; myasthenia gravis or glaucoma. The medication is also contraindicated for lactating women, children under 5 years of age, and hypersensitivity to Oxybutynin.

Pregnancy category

To date, no sufficient data on the safety of the medication in pregnant women is collected because not sufficient women had been using the drug during pregnancy for reliable statistical data. For this reason, doctors prescribe Ditropan and its analogs to pregnant women only if when the expected benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus. However, it is contraindicated to take the drug when breastfeeding. If you need to use the medication, you can stop breastfeeding and take it or start using it only after you stop breastfeeding naturally.

What side effects can the drug cause?

When you buy Generic Ditropan, you need to be prepared that the medication can cause some side effects. The most common ones are:
- Digestive system: dryness in the mouth, nausea, abdominal discomfort, constipation, and diarrhea.
- Central nervous system:  drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, and blurred vision.
- Dermatological reactions: skin dryness.
- Other: flushes, difficulty urinating, urinary retention, and arrhythmia.

Frequency of adverse effects of Ditropan

Adverse event
DITROPAN (5-20 mg/day) (n=199)
Urinary tract infection 6.50%
Insomnia 5.50%
Nervousness 6.50%
Dizziness 16.60%
Somnolence 14.00%
Headache 7.50%
Blurred vision 9.60%
Dry mouth 71.40%
Constipation 15.10%
Nausea 11.60%
Dyspepsia 6.00%
Urinary Hesitation 8.50%
Urinary Retention 6.00%

Where to buy Generic Ditropan?

Some of the pharmacies in the U.S. sell not only the brand-name medications but also their cheaper generic analogs. Nevertheless, to buy Generic Ditropan there you would need a prescription from your doctor. If you want to save and do not go to your doctor for a prescription, you can buy the medication online from our pharmacy.

Additional information on Generic Ditropan

Our online pharmacy cares about our clients. This is why even though we sell all medications without prescriptions we advise you to go to your doctor first in order to be sure that the medication you plan to buy is suitable for your condition and for your particular case.

Interactions with other medications

The medication should be cautiously used with drugs providing the anticholinergic effect as it can be amplified with Ditropan.
In the simultaneous use of itraconazole with Generic Ditropan, the concentration of oxybutynin in the plasma increases.
Before you buy Generic Ditropan online without a prescription, make sure to tell your doctor about all conditions you have and medications you take or plan to take including supplements and vitamins.


The drug should be cautiously used, preferably, under a doctor’s supervision in patients with panic disorder, elderly patients, liver or kidney disease, thyrotoxicosis, arrhythmia, cardiac ischemia, chronic heart failure, arterial hypertension, primary manifestations of benign prostatic hyperplasia, nonspecific ulcerative colitis, in patients with ileostomy, colostomy, and hiatal hernia, accompanied by reflux esophagitis.
The medication can decrease perspiration and make you more susceptible to heat and overheating during a workout. Therefore, you should avoid overheating and dehydration to guard yourself from serious complications such as a stroke. You should always pay attention to how much water you drink and make sure you are not drinking less than 2 liters of clean water during the hot days and exercising.
Generic Ditropan, as well as other medications based on the same substance, can cause blurred vision and slow down your reaction. If you experience these adverse effects, refrain from driving vehicles and wait till they go away. If the symptoms persist, consult your doctor about the replacement of the medication or other measures that you can undertake to minimize these effects.

Overdose and missed dosages

In case you took an increased dosage of Ditropan or other medication based on Oxybutynin, seek immediate medical assistance or call the poison help line.
If you missed the dosage, take the pill as soon as you remembered unless it’s time for the next dosage. In this case, do not take the double dosage, take only one pill.

Form of release

The medication is manufactured in form of pills.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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