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Pain Medicine Medication (Deltasone)

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Deltasone is a trade mark used to market the medicinal substance Prednisolone. It is a synthetic glucocorticoid drug of medium strength. There are multiple uses of the medication due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, immunosuppressive, and many other effects required in the treatment of such diseases as arthritis, autoimmune diseases, organ transplant, asthma, allergy, tuberculosis, swelling of the brain, inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and others. Read the full guide below to find out how and when you can use Prednisolone safely and effectively.
Different forms of arthritis, Systemic diseases of the connective tissue (lupus, scleroderma, and others), Multiple sclerosis, Still’s syndrome in adults, Asthma, Interstitial lung diseases, Lung cancer (with chemotherapy), Tuberculosis, Primary and secondary adrenal insufficiency, Allergy, Hepatitis, Hypoglycemic conditions, Autoimmune diseases, Nephrotic syndrome, Inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract (ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc.), Diseases of the blood and hemopoietic organs, Autoimmune and other skin diseases, Cerebral edema, Eye diseases, Prevention of transplant rejection, Hypercalcemia on due to cancer, Prophylaxis and elimination of nausea in chemotherapy
The medication has a potent anti-inflammatory effect needed in many health conditions
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Deltasone (Generic Prednisolone)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Deltasone and when is it used?

The brand Deltasone is registered for the medicinal substance Prednisolone. It is a highly active and well-tolerated synthetic glucocorticoid drug. The structure of the active substance is a modified hydrocortisone molecule which was obtained from cortisone in 1948.

Prednisolone, in comparison with its predecessors, exhibits more selective systemic effects. You can buy Deltasone cheaper if you chose to buy a generic version, i.e. the same drug made by another company, at our drugstore.

Short drug info
Trade names Deltasone, Liquid Pred, Orasone, Adasone, others
Routes of administration By mouth
Pregnancy category

US: C (Risk not ruled out)
Legal status
AU: S4 (Prescription only)

CA: Rx-only

The main advantage is minimized mineralocorticoid activity under the condition of an increased anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, it is most often appointed for long-term therapy of diseases.

In medical practice, it is used to relieve inflammatory processes, to cope with allergic reactions, as anti-shock, and immune-suppressing agent.

The anti-inflammatory effect is due to the overwhelming effect on the function of leukocytes, a drop in the penetrability of capillaries, and suppression of allergic reactions mediators.

The immunosuppressive effect is due to the impact on T and B lymphocytes, and inhibition of the functional characteristics of interleukin-2.

Antishock action is related to a rise in arterial tension and a lowering in the penetrability of the vascular wall.

The active substance is produced by pharmaceutical companies in the form of tablets, ointments, and injection.

Prednisone is indicated in dermatology, hematology, neurology, infectious diseases practice, organ transplant, as well as in pediatrics, rheumatology and as emergency aid in shock conditions.

SPharmacokinetic data
Bioavailability 70%
Metabolism Liver
Elimination half-life 3 to 4 hours in adults. 1 to 2 hours in children
Excretion Renal

The tablet form has a dosage of 5 mg; when taken orally, it is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract and is characterized by high bioavailability.

When can be Deltasone used?

There is a variety of indications for medication use. Please note that they require different dosages and even medication forms so you must consult a doctor before you buy generic Deltasone and start using it.

- Different forms of arthritis.

- Systemic diseases of the connective tissue (lupus, scleroderma, and others).

- Multiple sclerosis.

- Still's syndrome in adults;

- Asthma;

- Interstitial lung diseases, lung cancer (with chemotherapy), tuberculosis, and others.

- Primary and secondary adrenal insufficiency;

- Allergy;

- Hepatitis.

- Hypoglycemic conditions.

- Autoimmune diseases;

- Nephrotic syndrome.

- Inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, etc.).

- Diseases of the blood and hemopoietic organs; -Autoimmune and other skin diseases;

- Cerebral edema in the postoperative period, post-radiation, post-traumatic, or in a brain tumor.

- Eye diseases, including allergic and autoimmune.

- Prevention of transplant rejection reactions.

- Hypercalcemia on the background of cancer.

- Prophylaxis and elimination of nausea, vomiting in chemotherapy.

Contraindications for Deltasone use

The medication must not be used in the following conditions:

- Intolerance of the medication; - Infections caused by parasites, viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

- After a vaccine;

- HIV;

- Some disease of the digestive tract such as stomach and duodenal ulcer, esophagitis, gastritis, ulcerative colitis with the danger of perforation or abscess, diverticulitis.

- Diseases of the cardiovascular system: recent myocardial infarction, decompensated chronic heart failure, high arterial tension, a tendency to thromboembolic disease.

- Endocrine system disorders: diabetes and violated carbohydrate tolerance, thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism, Cushing's disease.

- Severe kidney or liver failure, nephrolithiasis.

- Hypoalbuminemia.

- Systemic osteoporosis.

- Myasthenia gravis.

- Acute psychosis.

- Obesity;

- Polio (except for the form of bulbar encephalitis).

- Open and closed-angle glaucoma.

Dosage of Deltasone

When you buy Prednisolone, you should know that dosages are set individually. When appointing, the circadian rhythm of glucocorticoid secretion should be taken into account: most of the dose (2⁄3) or the entire daily dosage is taken in the morning, at about 8 AM, and 1/3 in the evening.

- For adults: in acute conditions and as a substitution therapy, the medication is prescribed in a dosage of 20-30 mg day with a gradual transition to a maintenance daily dosage of 5-10 mg. If necessary, the initial dose may be 15–100 mg day, and the supporting dosage may be 5–15 mg daily.

- For kids: the initial dosage is 1–2 mg per kg a day split into 4–6 doses, and the supporting dosage is 300–600 microgram per kg a day. The pills are taken orally without chewing and washed down with a small amount of liquid. Therapy is stopped slowly, gradually reducing the dose.

Overdose of Deltasone

The risk of overdose increases with prolonged use of the drug, especially in high doses.

Symptoms: elevated blood pressure, edema, potentiated side effects.

Treatment of acute overdose: immediate gastric lavage or inducing vomiting. There is no specific antidote.

Treatment of chronic overdose: medication dose lowering.

Adverse effects of Deltasone

When you buy generic Prednisolone you should know that it can cause such adverse effects as:

- Excitation;

- Insomnia;

- Hypertension;

- Edema;

- Hypokalemia;

- Alkalosis;

- Amenorrhea;

- Osteoporosis;

- Cushing's syndrome;

- Hyperglycemia;

- Immunodeficiency.

This isn’t the full list but only the most common adverse reactions. For the full list please refer to the package insert.

Interactions of Deltasone

When you order Deltasone, keep in mind that it can interact with other substances:

- With thyroid hormones, inducers of liver enzymes, in particular with barbiturates, phenytoin, pyrimidone, carbamazepine, rifampicin - weakening of the effects of Prednisolone due to enhanced systemic clearance is observed;

- With estrogens (including birth control pills), cyclosporine, CYP3A4 inhibitors, in particular, erythromycin, clarithromycin, ketoconazole, Diltiazem, aprepitant, itraconazole, oleandomycin, enhance increased effects of Prednisolone including toxic ones; with estrogens, possible male traits development and acne.

- With antacids - a diminished absorption of the medication is observed; - With derivatives of salicylic acid and other NSAIDs, increases the risk of ulceration of the stomach; prednisone diminishes the level of salicylic acid derivatives in the blood serum, increasing their renal clearance; the drug elevates the risk of toxic effects on the liver of paracetamol;

- With cardiac glycosides - increased toxicity of the latter, hypokalemia and the danger of arrhythmias;

- With hypoglycemic agents - inhibition of their effect;

- With antihypertensive drugs - diminished effectiveness of the latter;

- With tricyclic antidepressants - increased signs of depression caused by taking prednisone and elevated intraocular pressure;

- With immunosuppressants - an elevated risk of infections and lymphoma or other lymphoproliferative disorders;

- With diuretics, laxatives, amphotericin B – the elevated risk of hypokalemia; prednisone raises the danger of osteoporosis while using amphotericin and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors;

- With m-anticholinergics, antihistamines, nitrates - increased intraocular pressure and decreased the effectiveness of antihistamines;

- With antipsychotics, carbamide, azathioprine – an elevated risk of cataracts;

- With live antiviral vaccines and other types of immunizations - an elevated risk of virus activation;

- With muscle relaxants with existing hypokalemia - increased signs and duration of muscle blockade with the use of muscle relaxants;

- With anticholinesterase agents - the occurrence of muscle weakness;

- Mitotane and other inhibitors of adrenal cortex function can cause an elevation of Prednisolone level in the body;

- With antiemetic agents - increased antiemetic effect;

- With isoniazid, mexiletine, praziquantel - a lowering in their plasma concentrations;

- With growth hormone (in high doses) - a lowering in the effect of the latter;

- With fluoroquinolones - tendon damage;

- With cyclosporine - there have been cases of seizures. Due to the fact that the use of these drugs together causes a mutual inhibition of metabolism, it is likely that convulsions and other side effects associated with the use of each of these drugs both with monotherapy and with their combined use can occur more often. Joint use can cause an elevation in the concentration of other medicines in the blood plasma.

- In long-term therapy, prednisone increases the content of folic acid.

- Deltasone diminishes the effect of vitamin D on the absorption of calcium in the intestinal cavity.

Special recommendations

- Before you order Prednisolone and starting the treatment, you must be examined for possible contraindications. A clinical examination should include a study of the cardiovascular system, an X-ray examination of the lungs, a study of the stomach and duodenum; urinary system, organs of vision. Laboratory examination should include: a general blood test, the concentration of glucose in the blood and urine, electrolytes in blood plasma.

- When treating with glucocorticoids for a long time, it is recommended to regularly monitor blood pressure, determine the level of glucose in urine and blood, perform fecal blood analysis, analysis of blood coagulation parameters, x-ray control of the spine, and ophthalmic examination.

- For children who were in contact with measles or chickenpox during treatment, specific immunoglobulins should be prescribed as prophylaxis (within 10 days after contact).

- During treatment the treatment, vaccination and other types of immunization are prohibited.

- If you experience unusual stressful situations during glucocorticoid treatment, the dosage should be temporarily raised during and after the stressful situation.

- During treatment with prednisone, you should not drink alcohol. - The higher is the used dosage and the longer is the therapy, the bigger is the negative effect on calcium metabolism. The prevention of osteoporosis is recommended, which is especially important if patients have risk factors (including family history, old age, postmenopause, insufficient protein and calcium intake, excessive smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and reduced physical activity). Prevention is based on an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D, and also includes physical activity.

- To minimize the adverse reactions of prednisone therapy, the appropriate diet must be followed.

- When using high doses of Deltasone for a long period (30 mg per day for at least 4 weeks), reversible spermatogenesis disorders may occur that persist for several months after the therapy discontinuation.

- In the use of high dosages, approximately 7.5 mg of prednisolone or equivalent, for more than 3 weeks, it is necessary to stop treatment with prednisolone gradually.

Therapy should be discontinued gradually, even if it lasted less than three weeks, in such groups of patients:

- Undergoing a second course of treatment with prednisone;

- Patients for whom a second course of treatment was prescribed for a year after prolonged treatment;

- Patients receiving more than 40 mg per day of prednisone or equivalent;

- Patients with adrenal insufficiency, the cause of which is not exogenous corticosteroid administration.

- After discontinuation of therapy, withdrawal syndrome (fever, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, dizziness, generalized musculoskeletal pain, asthenia), adrenal insufficiency, and exacerbation of the disease, for which prednisolone was prescribed, may occur. If functional adrenal insufficiency is observed after the end of therapy with prednisone, you should immediately resume taking the medicine, and lower the dose very slowly and with caution (for example, the daily dose should be lowered by 2-3 mg for 7-10 days). -Atrophy of the adrenal cortex develops with prolonged therapy and can persist for many years after discontinuation of therapy. Steroid-induced secondary adrenal insufficiency can be lowered to a minimum as a result of a gradual dose reduction.

- Because of the danger of developing hypercorticism, a new course of treatment with cortisone after previous long-term treatment with prednisone for several months should always be started with low initial doses (except for acute life-threatening conditions).

- In children during the growth period, glucocorticosteroids can be used only according to absolute indications and under especially careful medical supervision. - In case of intercurrent infections, septic conditions and tuberculosis, simultaneous antibiotic therapy is necessary.

- If it is necessary to use prednisone while taking oral hypoglycemic drugs or anticoagulants, it is necessary to adjust the dosage regimen of the latter.

-The electrolyte balance should be carefully monitored with the combined use of prednisone with diuretics. With prolonged treatment with prednisone, in order to prevent hypokalemia, it is necessary to prescribe potassium drugs and an appropriate diet in connection with a possible increase in intraocular pressure and the development of subcapsular cataract.

- The use in severe infectious diseases is permissible only against the background of specific antimicrobial therapy.

- Women during menopause need to undergo a study regarding the possible occurrence of osteoporosis.

- In Addison's disease, the simultaneous administration of barbiturates should be avoided because of the risk of developing acute adrenal insufficiency (Addison crisis).

- If there is a history of psoriasis, convulsions, prednisone should be used only in minimal effective doses.

- With extreme caution, the medication should be used in liver and kidney failure, migraine.

- The medication must be very cautiously prescribed to individuals with existing or history of severe affective disorders, which include depressive, manic-depressive psychosis, steroid psychosis. The risk of these adverse reactions is higher with high doses. Most reactions disappear after dose lowering or drug use discontinuation but treatment is sometimes needed. If these symptoms develop, consult a doctor. Mental disorders can also occur during the withdrawal of glucocorticoids.

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