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Pain Medicine Medication (Emulgel)

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Emulgel, Dicloflam, Voltaren and other similar medications are all based on the active agent Diclofenac which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory means used for a variety of conditions including different types of rheumatic pains, injuries, muscle pain, and so on. On this webpage we are offering you to buy the medication in form of gel. If you need to get the pills or suppositories based on Diclofenac, you can find them in this section of our pharmacy too.
Inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the muscle system, Rheumatoid arthritis, Spondylitis, Pain due to injury or in a postoperative period, Spine diseases (lumbago, sciatica, and others), Joint pain, Muscle pain (due to sprains, overstrain, bruises, injuries), Inflammation and swelling of soft tissues due to injuries
Dicloflam gel allows coping with rheumatic or muscle pain quickly and without any harm to the organism
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Emulgel (Generic Dicloflam)
Actual product may differ in
appearance from image shown.

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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Emulgel and when is it used?

The product sold under the name Emulgel, Voltaren, and many others is based on Diclofenac, a medication from the group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. You can buy Emulgel at a lower price is you choose a generic version, Dicloflam, from our online pharmacy.

Short drug info
Trademarks Cataflam, Voltaren, Jonac, Diclofam, Emulgel, others
Routes of administration Topical
Use in pregnancy Must not be used during the third trimester
Legal status UK: OTC In general for gel: OTC
Metabolism Liver

The formulation available on this webpage comes in the form of a topical gel which has potent anti-inflammatory, moderate anti-fever, and painkiller effect. The principle of its effect is in the prevention of the release of mediators of inflammation. The gel intensively penetrates the joint cavity, lowers pain at rest and when moving, helps to expand the range of motion in the inflamed joints, and reduces morning inflexibility and swelling of the joints. A persistent effect develops after around 7 to 14 days of treatment.

Diclofenac penetrates well into tissues and into joints fluid. Around 65% of the formulation is washed out with the urine as metabolites, 35% is eliminated in the feces.

When can be Dicloflam used?

You can buy generic Emulgel for:

- Inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the locomotor system: rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis and so on;

- Pain due to injury or in a postoperative period;

- Spine diseases such as lumbago, sciatica, and others.

- Joint pain (joints of the fingers, knees, etc.);

- Muscle pain (due to sprains, overstrain, bruises, injuries);

- Inflammation and puffiness of soft tissues and joints due to injuries.

How is Dicloflam used?

If you buy Dicloflam in a form of gel, you should use it topically, i.e. in the area that is in pain. There are also other forms of Diclofenac in pills, suppositories, and so on, if you get the medication in that form, follow the respective instruction.

This form of the medication is used in adults and kids older than twelve years two times a day. Ideally, it is applied in the morning and before bedtime.

The dosage is 2 to 4 mg, the bigger is the area that needs painkilling effect, and the higher is the dosage used. After you rub the gel into the skin, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly since if it gets into the eyes you can develop severe pain and inflammation.

If you get the medication without your doctor appointing it, use it for 14 days maximally. If the pain is still there or is even intensified, you should go to a doctor and get checked.

Frequency of adverse effects on the site of Dicloflam use

Topical adverse reaction

Dicloflam gel Number of patients=913(%)
Placebo (vehicle) Number of patients =876(%)
Any skin effect
62 (7)
19 (2)
32 (4)
6 ( < 1)
Itching of the skin
7 ( < 1)
1 ( < 1)
Redness of the skin
6 ( < 1)
3 ( < 1)
Unusual dermal sensation
5 ( < 1)
3 ( < 1)
Dry skin
4 ( < 1)
3 ( < 1)
2 ( < 1)
1 ( < 1)

Overdose of Dicloflam

You cannot overdose while using the medication topically. However, if a kid accidentally swallows gel, you must induce vomiting and give them sorbents.

When Dicloflam must not be used?

If you have ever used any medication based on Diclofenac and suffered from allergy or any adverse effects, do not buy generic Dicloflam as it is likely that you are intolerant of the substances in the formulation.

Other contraindications include:

- General intolerance of NSAIDs or aspirin, e.g. asthma, wheezing, swelling, rash previously caused by their use.

- Scratches or other damage of the skin where you plan to use gel.

- Last three months of pregnancy and breastfeeding;

- Age below 12 years.

Interactions of Dicloflam

A drug can enhance the effects of medicines that cause skin sensitivity to sun light. The medication is used externally and doesn’t interact with the medicines used inside.

Special instructions for Dicloflam use

- Dicloflam should only be applied to intact skin, avoiding contact with open wounds or scratches.

- Do not allow the gel go into the eyes, mouth, or mucous membranes.

- After applying the gel, a bandage dressing is allowed, but airtight occlusive dressings should not be applied.

- If skin rash develops after application of the medication, its use must be discontinued.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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