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Skin Care Medication (Benoquin)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Benoquin is a cream based on Monobenzone 20%. It is used to even the skin tone in vitiligo. The medication cannot get back the melatonin and restore the initial skin color but it can even up the edges of white spots for aesthetic effect. Read more information about the medication use, adverse effects, contraindications, and other useful information below.
The medication helps evening out the edges of discolored spots in vitiligo
MAC Labs
MAC Labs
Dermochinona, Depigman, Leucodinine, Aloquin
Benoquin (Generic Monobenzone)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is the medication known as Benoquin?

Benoquin is one of the trade names registered for the active medicinal substance with an unpatented name Monobenzone. It is a cream for the cutaneous application used for vitiligo.

The medication is sold under different names so to get it cheaper you can buy Benoquin from our med store made by Mac Pharmaceuticals.

Short drug info
Trademarks Benoquin, Dermochinona, Depigman, Leucodinine, Aloquin others
Synonyms Hydroquinone benzyl ether, Hydroquinone monobenzyl ether, Benzyl p-hydroxyphenyl ether, Benzyl hydroquinone, Benzoquin, 4-(phenylmethoxy)phenol
Routes of administration Topical
Legal status

CA: Unscheduled

US: Rx-only Unscheduled

Number of uses per day Three times a day

Available forms

200 mg/1g
1 g/1g

How does Benoquin treat vitiligo?

Actually, the formulation doesn’t treat this health condition. Unfortunately, to date, it cannot be cured. Vitiligo manifests in skin color fading to pale white. The medication cannot return the pigment to the affected areas; on the contrary, it slightly lightens the skin to make the edges of discolored spots less noticeable.

Who should not use Benoquin?

You must not buy generic Benoquin and apply it if you are intolerant of the formulation.

Other contraindications include:

- Use for other purposes than vitiligo (e.g. to make freckles or moles less intense);

- Pregnancy and lactation (the safety of the formulation isn’t sufficiently studied).

- Use for kids below twelve years of age.

You cannot say whether you are allergic to the formulation prior to using it. However, if after the first use of the medication or after several applications you develop skin rash, reddening of the skin, or other negative reactions, most likely you are allergic to it and must stop the use of the cream.

What negative effects can Monobenzone use cause?

When you buy Monobenzone, you should be ready that as any other chemical substance it can cause certain adverse effects:

- Itching;

- Reddening of the skin;

- Skin rash;

- Slight irritation.

If these symptoms are mild, you can continue using the formulation. But if they are moderate to severe or progress, you must not apply the cream any more.

The cream also makes the skin more sensitive to the UV rays. Thus, is you are exposed to direct sunlight, you can get sunburns. It is encouraged to get covered or use high SPF sunscreen when you use Benoquin and sometime after you discontinue using the medication.

How is Monobenzone used?

The product is applied topically. You should use a sufficient amount to cover with a thin layer the area you want to make lighter. The cream should be applied thrice a day. Rub it gently until it is absorbed.

After you apply the cream, wash your hands well to avoid getting it into the eyes, other areas of the skin, and so on. You can notice the effect of the cream not earlier than in a month of continuous use. The noticeable effect is manifested in four months.

If in four months no effect occurs, you should discontinue using the cream.

If the desired effect is achieved within four months, you can continue using Benoquin but less frequently to maintain the results. For example you can use it once a week.

Can Benoquin be used with other medicines?

In general, when you buy generic Monobenzone you can use it with other medicines. Because the medication is applied topically, there is a very low amount in the blood so it won’t interact with other substances. However, the use of other medicines that increase sensitivity to sunlight can elevate the risk of sunburns so you have to take precautions, i.e. avoid direct sunlight, cover your skin in the sun or use high SPF sunscreen.

It is not advised to use any other creams, lotions, and so on where you apply Benoquin as it can dilute the medication and lower its effect.

Precautions for Benoquin use

- The drug is intended only for vitiligo treatment so you must not use it as a cosmetic product for any other effects.

- Avoid getting the cream into your eyes or mucous membranes (mouth, genitals). For this, wash your hands with soap after using Benoquin. - Limit your exposure to direct sunlight, cover your skin or use potent sunscreen when exposed to UV. Is generic

Benoquin as effective as the branded drug?

You can without any worries order generic Benoquin and use it instead of the branded medication as they have the same ingredients, formula, and effect.

The main reason for buying a generic is its lower price. And it’s not lower because of the poor quality but because generics makers do not advertise their medicines broadly. Besides, generics are drugs that are based on already known formulas so their producers do not invest in research and tests.

Currently, on the market the substance Monobenzone is sold under a variety of names such as Depigman, Leucodinine, Aloquin, Claripel, Clarite, Eldopaque, Eldoquin, and others. You don’t need to keep in mind all of the available names. All you have to remember that the cream must contain Monobenzone 20%.

Where is it cheaper to buy Monobenzone?

The cheapest way to get the cream is to order Benoquin online from our drugstore. We specialize in high-quality generics and offer the most attractive prices. Plus, for the big orders, we offer standard free shipping.

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