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Weight Loss Medication (Orligal)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Orlistat or Orligal is the same medication, a weight loss aid acting through the prevention of fats absorption in the intestines. The drug is mainly prescribed for obesity treatment in accompanying diseases such as diabetes, high arterial tension, and high cholesterol. However, it can be used in absence of these diseases and to maintain lowered weight after weight loss. The drug is used three times a day with meals by one capsule. It can be used for one year or more if a patient doesn’t develop severe adverse reactions to the drug.
Weight loss, Obesity, Maintenance of weight loss
The medication helps to lose weight and maintain it, it also helps with diabetes and high cholesterol therapy
Orligal (Generic Orlistat)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Orligal?

Orligal is one of the brands under which the medicinal substance Orlistat is sold. It is a weight-loss aid mostly prescribed for obese individuals with the body mass index over 27. However, it can be also used by people with lower BMI but who have trouble losing weight.

You can buy Orligal or a generic version of the medication from our online drugstore.

Short drug info
Trade names Xenical, Alli, Orligal, Orlistat
Other names tetrahydrolipstatin
Pregnancy category

AU: B1

US: X (Contraindicated)

Routes of administration Oral
Legal status

AU: S3 (Pharmacy only)

UK: P (Pharmacy medicines)


Bioavailability Insignificant
Protein binding >99%
Metabolism Digestive tract
Elimination half-life 1 to 2 hours
Excretion Fecal

How does Orligal act?

The medication is included in the group of lipid-lowering agents. It renders an inhibiting effect on the enzymes that metabolize fats and promote its storage in the body.

The effectiveness of the medication is due to its ability to interact with fatty cells deactivating them. It counteracts the breakdown of food lipases so that their absorption from the digestive tract is dulled, the penetration of triglycerides into the blood is blocked.

The effect of the formulation induces the deficit of calories thus promoting the mechanism of fatty tissue burn.

As a result of systematic use of the medication, it helps to lose weight but only if a certain diet is followed. It means that although Orligal lowers the absorption of lipids significantly, it is still advised to lower the consumption of fats not only for the best results but also for the minimization of adverse effects. The medication promotes the washing out of fats with feces and the more fat is consumed, the higher is the chance of diarrhea and even fecal incontinence.

Besides the weight loss effect, Orligal also positively affects the level of cholesterol and insulin, as well as prevents fats deposition in the abdominal area.

Orligal basically doesn’t interact with blood plasma. It is dissolved in the intestines with the formation of inactive metabolites. It is also excreted fully in feces. The complete elimination from the body occurs within 5 hours.

Pharmaceutical form and composition of the pills

The medication is produced in a form of capsules containing 120 mg each by 21 capsules in a blister.

What are the indications for Orligal use?

You can buy generic Orligal to cope with obesity or to maintain the results of weight loss. The medication is especially indicated for patients with obesity and BMI over 27 with the presence of additional diseases such as diabetes, high arterial tension, and dyslipidemia (impaired lipid metabolism, leading to thickening of the walls of blood vessels and an increase in blood cholesterol).

When you start using the medication, you must keep in mind that it works better and with fewer side effects if you follow a calorie deficit diet with a lowered amount of fats. It means that optimally you should move more to burn more calories than you consume and cut on fats while eating vegetables, lean meat and fish, and slowly metabolized fats (whole grains).

Who must not use Orligal?

The medication is contraindicated for:

- People hypersensitive to the drug, i.e. those who are allergic to its components or develop severe adverse effects during Orligal use.

- Individuals with malabsorption syndrome;

- Individuals with cholestasis (decrease or cessation of bile excretion).

There hadn’t been well-controlled studies of Orligal use in pregnant women. Since the data obtained during the tests on animals cannot certainly show the reaction to the drug of the pregnant woman’s organism, they should not buy Orlistat and use it.

It is unknown whether the medication is found in breast milk or not, so the drug is not recommended during breastfeeding.

The medication can be used but with caution in:

- Children;

- History of hyperoxaluria (excessive urinary excretion of oxalate);

- Kidney stones.

What adverse effects can the medication cause?

According to the placebo-controlled trials patients who used Orligal thrice a day by one 120 mg capsule and followed the appointed diet during the first and the second years of the medication use suffered from digestive tract adverse effects two times more frequently than people from the placebo group.

The below table shows the adverse effects gathered through the seven different placebo-controlled studies:

First year of Orligal/Placebo use

Adverse effect
Number of patients = 1913 (%)
Number of patients = 1466 (%)
Pain/discomfort in the abdomen
Infectious diarrhea
Pain and discomfort in the intestine
Teeth diseases
Gum disease
Upper respiratory tract infections
Lower respiratory tract infections
Symptoms from the part of the organs treated by otolaryngologist
Back pain
Muscle pain
Joints function impairment
Sleep violation
Skin rash
Dry skin

Adverse effects during first year of Orligal use

Adverse effect
Number of patients = 1913 (%)
Number of patients = 1466 (%)
Oily discharge from the rectum
Gases with a certain amount of discharge
False defecation urges
Greasy / oily stools
Oily stool
Increased bowel movements
Fecal incontinence

Adverse effects during second year of Orligal use

Adverse effect
Number of patients = 613 (%)
Number of patients = 524 (%)
Oily discharge from the rectum
Gases with a certain amount of discharge
False defecation urges
Greasy / oily stools
Oily stool
Increased bowel movements
Fecal incontinence

These and other frequently observed adverse effects were mostly of moderate severity and transient. Besides, their frequency was reduced by the second year of the course. In general, the first adverse effects occurred within the first months of the therapy. The duration of 50% of digestive tract negative effects related to Orligal use was less than a week. In the remaining patients, the adverse effects faded within four weeks. However, in rare cases, patients can have adverse effects for six or more months.

During the tests, the treatment was ceased due to adverse effects by 8% of individuals compared to 5% of placebo users.

How is Orlistat used?

The capsules by 120 mg are taken with food three times a day. If you skip a meal, do not take the capsule. Do not take more capsules with another meal if you forgot to take the previous dosage.

Orlistat overdose

There are no registered cases of overdose of the medication. It is presumed that in the use of the higher dosages of the medication the intensification of adverse effects can occur. There are registered cases of medication use by 240 mg three times a day without any serious adverse effects. If a significant overdose (more than 800 mg a day) is suspected, a patient should be under doctoral control for 24 hours.

Can Orlistat be used with other medications?

- The medication doesn’t influence the properties of Pravastatin, alcohol, Digoxin, Phenytoin, Nifedipine, and birth control medications.

- When the medication is used with cyclosporine, the level of the latter in the blood plasma is lowered. Thus, the drugs must not be combined or cyclosporine should be used two hours before or four hours after the weight loss drug.

- Orlistat lowers the absorption of beta carotene and vitamin E contained in supplements.

- The medication also somehow influences the level of vitamin K taken with supplements though it doesn’t influence its absorption.

- Patients who use anticoagulants (blood thinners) and plan to undergo long-term treatment with Orlistat should carefully control coagulation time as there are some data that the drug can enhance the effect of warfarin.

- The combined use of the weight loss medication with Levothyroxine can cause hypothyroidism, i.e. insufficient production of thyroid hormones. If a patient needs to take both medications, the control over the thyroid function should be made. Besides, the interval between the medications intakes should be at least four hours.

Precautions to follow when you buy Orlistat

- Before you buy generic Orlistat, you need to consult a weight loss doctor or endocrinologist to exclude certain diseases that can cause obesity. For instance, it can be due to hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).

- For the whole duration of the therapy with Orlistat, it is recommended to stick to a low-calorie, well-balanced diet in which fats make up no more than 30% of the total consumed calories per day. In case of higher consumption of fats, the likelihood of the listed adverse effects from the part of the digestive system is more substantial. The daily consumption of calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fats should be approximately equally split into three food intakes.

- Orlistat lowers the absorption of certain fat-soluble vitamins so it is advised to use multivitamin supplements to ensure that the body receives all of the necessary vitamins. In patients who hadn’t used vitamins with Orlistat were observed the lowering of the vitamin levels by 2.2% (A), 12% (D), 6% (E), and 6% (beta carotene). It is advised to take vitamins two hours before or after the intake of Orlistat, for instance, before bedtime.

- There is no point in using the medication in the dosage higher than 120 mg three times a day. If higher dosages are used, adverse effects can intensify.

- In combined use of the weight loss medication with cyclosporine, a more frequent control over the level of the later in the blood is required.

- In some patients, the use of the medication can increase the content of oxalates in urine.

- As in the case of other medicines for weight loss, in some groups of patients (for instance, with anorexia or bulimia), there is a likelihood of abuse of Orlistat.

- Weight loss facilitated by Orlistat can also improve metabolic control over diabetes which can require the lowering of the diabetes medications.

Where can you buy Orlistat?

You can order Orlistat from our online drugstore and save on Rx and cost per pill. To save on shipping, order pills for several months ahead and get your order shipped for free.

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