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Weight Loss Medication (Phenamax)

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Generic Phenamax is an amazing dietary supplement that can help you boost your metabolism and burn calories faster as well as suppress your appetite. It is a weight loss medication based exclusively on herbs. Therefore, it is much safer than other diet pills and has almost no contraindications for use. You can find out more about the pills composition, manner of intake, possible side effects, and contraindications reading the detailed medication guide below. You can buy cheap Generic Phenamax pills from a reliable manufacturer at our online drugstore in just a couple of mouse clicks and even without leaving your home. Since the drug is a herbal medication, it doesn’t require a prescription from your doctor. Nevertheless, if you have any allergies or health problems, you should consult your doctor first before using the drug.
Phenamax (Generic Phenamax)
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  Generic Medication guide:

People who strive to lose weight often struggle with the reduction of the amount of food they are used to eat. Though excessive weight accumulation can be caused by a variety of reasons including hormonal imbalance, sedentary lifestyle, stress, and others, food is what makes us overweight. Or more precisely the calories we consume but do not burn.

There is only one way to lose weight and further maintain the normal body mass – burn more calories than you consume per day. Of course, it is easier said than done especially taking into account that people who are heavily overweight have been developing their food habits over the years and it’s impossible for them to dump such habits overnight.

The main rules for this healthy weight loss technique are simple: reduce the consumption of processed food, sweets, fat meals, add more vegetables and greens, lean meat, fish, and whole grains to your diet and exercise daily. But what should you do with food cravings especially for the bad food you should stay away from? If previously people have nothing to rely on besides their willpower, today we are quite lucky as we can buy weight loss medications or diet pills that make the whole slimming process much more enjoyable and consistent.

You can find different diet pills at our online drugstore one of which is Generic Phenamax. It is an amazing medication based on herbs only, which is able to help you suppress your appetite for unhealthy food and get saturated faster so you could easily reduce your portions and start losing weight without feeling that you are starving. However, before you buy Generic Phenamax online, we still advise you to consult your doctor first. It is important to find the reason behind your excessive weight and exclude such factors are a hormonal imbalance or mental disorder that can make you think that you are overweight when you are not. It is also important to find out whether you are pregnant or not because during the pregnancy it is prohibited to take any diet pills. If you have any conditions that can be affected by the weight loss medications, you should inform your doctor about them and get them monitored.
After you get an approval from your doctor or at least undergo a general checkup to be sure that the drug we are offering is safe for you, you can buy Generic Phenamax online from our online pharmacy without a prescription.

When Generic Phenamax can be used?

The medication can be used if you suffer from excessive weight caused by overeating, slowed down metabolism or increased appetite. Before you decide to use the drug, you must consult your doctor, check your weight and height ratio to be sure that you need to lose weight and undergo a checkup to reveal if you have any conditions in which the drug can be contraindicated.

If the drug is not contraindicated for you, you can buy Generic Phenamax online and use it as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster which will help you eat less and make your body store less fat even if you overeat. The product manufacturers also claim that the medication enhances endurance and energy allowing you to exercise more to burn even more calories.

How does Generic Phenamax act?

As we have already said, the medication is based on herbs. Its main ingredient is green tea extract known for its antioxidant and metabolism boosting properties. Green tea also has caffeine so it’s not surprising that the medication also offers energy boost to the user. Other components are citrin or garcinia cambogia extract that is known for its natural appetite suppressant properties; Yerba Mate or mate tea renowned for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect; and vitamin B which is also responsible for metabolic rate acceleration and promotion of wakefulness and stamina.

Is there any difference between Phenamax and the generic drug?

All generic medications are based on the same active substances and formulas as the brand-name medications. If the manufacturer claims that the drug is a generic version of another drug, it means that necessary tests and licensing process had been done before the drug was released onto the market. Otherwise, the medication wouldn’t be allowed to be sold and approved by the medication control agencies.
However, if you want buy Generic Phenamax online and get the best quality medication and result, you should be careful and avoid scammers. Stores and pharmacies that offer unrealistically low prices should be excluded from the list of possible options for you. We know that you want to save but the average price on the market is reasonable and if someone tries to convince you that they are able to buy and then sell the drug cheaper, most likely you will not receive the drug at all or get placebo pills.

How to use Generic Phenamax?

The instruction for the medication says that you need to take two capsules a day orally with sufficient amount of water to wash them down. In some cases it is possible to use the medication in bigger dosages but only if your doctor approves such practice.

You should also remember that when you use the pills, you still need to try eating healthy and do weight loss exercises. Otherwise, the effect can be unnoticeable. The medication is a means that can assist you in the weight loss process but it is not a magic pill that will do all work for you.

Whom the drug is contraindicated?

In general, since the drug is based on herbs, it is quite safe for almost everyone. But of course, it should be avoided in the obesity treatment in children and pregnant women as these two categories are quite vulnerable and require even more natural approach.

It is also not recommended for people with excessively high and uncontrollable blood pressure because of the high content of caffeine in one pill.
Some people might be also allergic to the ingredients of the medication. Therefore, if you buy Generic Phenamax online and start using it as recommended by the instruction but suffer from any negative effects such as rash, troubled breathing, headaches, swelling, and so on, you should immediately stop using the drug and seek medical assistance.

Can the medication be used during pregnancy?

Though the medication is more of a supplement than a conventional drug, it is still not recommended it to use it during pregnancy. One of the reasons is that the amount of caffeine in the drug can increase blood pressure of the pregnant woman which is dangerous for the fetus or the baby.

What side effects can the drug cause?

Phenamax and Generic Phenamax are based on herbs what minimizes the chances of side effects occurrence compared to the drugs based on synthesized substances. Nevertheless, some side effects may occur such as allergic reactions, rash, swelling, headaches, unhealthy excitability, indigestion, increased heart rate, and others. If you notice any side effects after the capsules use, stop using them for a couple of days to see whether it was the drug that caused them or something different. If the side effects are pronounced very lightly, you can continue using the drug and discontinue the use only if they do not fade away over time or aggravate.

Interactions of Generic Phenamax with other medications

The medication can cause adverse reactions if used along with drugs to promote wakefulness, especially those based on caffeine because it also has caffeine in its composition. In case you combine such drugs, you may start suffering from anxiety, headaches and elevated blood pressure.

If there are any medications that you take that have in their indications separate use with vitamin B, you should also avoid Phenamax usage along with these medications.
Some drugs, especially diuretics, can reduce the effectiveness of Phenamax as they will wash the active components out of your body sooner than needed for a desirable weight loss and appetite suppressing effect.


Though you can buy Generic Phenamax online without a prescription from your doctor, you need to inform him or her that you want to start using the medication. If your doctor thinks that first you need a checkup to see if you don’t have any conditions which can be worsened by the drug, listen to your doctor and follow his or her recommendations.


The medication is based on herbs that do not cause any permanent damage to the body even in overdose unlike chemical substances. Nevertheless, an accidental overdose can cause unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, rapid heart rate, and others. You should never increase the recommended daily dosage without consulting your doctor first. If you took a bigger dosage accidentally and started feeling unwell after it, seek urgent medical assistance or call your local poison help line.

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