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Women`s Health Medication (Clomid)

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The medication you may know as Clomid is based on Clomiphene. It is a non-steroidal anti-estrogen that promotes ovulation. The medication is prescribed for infertility caused by inactive ovaries, amenorrhea (lack of period), and other conditions related to the level of estrogen. Read our full guide to know how to use the medication, what are the precautions for its use, contraindications, side effects, and so on.
Anovulatory infertility (ovulation induction), Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Amenorrhea (secondary, post-contraceptive), Galactorrhea (due to pituitary tumor), Polycystic ovaries, Androgen deficiency, Disorders of the pituitary gonadotropic function
The medication helps to normalize ovaries function and treat infertility
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Clomid (Generic Clomiphene)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is the medication sold under the name Clomid?

The medication sold under the name Clomid is based on the formulation with the unpatented name Clomiphene. You can buy Clomid sold under another name to get the pills cheaper and enjoy the same effect since the formula is no longer protected by the exclusive know-how.

Clomiphene is a non-steroidal anti-estrogen that promotes ovulation. The mechanism of action is explained by the capacity to specifically bind to estrogen receptors in the brain and ovaries. In small doses, it enhances the production of gonadotropic hormones (prolactin, follicle-stimulating and luteinizing) and stimulates ovulation. In large doses, the formulation suppresses the production of gonadotropic hormones. It does not provide gestagenic and androgenic activity.

Short drug info
Trade names Clomid, Serophene, Clomiphene, Clomifen, others
Pregnancy category

AU: B3

US: X (Contraindicated)

Routes of administration By mouth
Drug class Selective estrogen receptor modulator; Progonadotropin
Legal status

AU: S4 (Prescription only)

UK: POM (Prescription only) US: Rx-only

Bioavailability High (>90%)
Metabolism Liver (with enterohepatic circulation)
Elimination half-life 5–6 days
Excretion Mainly urine, some in bile

Pharmacokinetics of Clomiphene

It is metabolized in the liver and eliminated mainly with urine but also in feces. The elimination half-life is five to seven days.

When should be Clomiphene used?

- Anovulatory infertility (ovulation induction),

- Dysfunctional uterine bleeding,

- Amenorrhea (secondary, post-contraceptive),

- Galactorrhea (due to pituitary tumor),

- Polycystic ovaries,

- Androgen deficiency,

- Disorders of the pituitary gonadotropic function.

When is the use of Clomiphene contraindicated?

You should not buy generic Clomid and use it in:

- Hypersensitivity to the formulation (severe adverse effects, allergy);

- Severe hepatic and/or renal failure;

- Uterine bleeding of unidentified cause;

- Ovarian cyst;

- Swelling or insufficiency of the pituitary gland;

- Pregnancy (including suspicion of it);

- Hormone-dependent tumors.

- Functional disorders of the thyroid or adrenal gland.

- Visual impairment (recent or chronic visual impairment).

- Patients with ovarian dyskinesia, during menopause or with other conditions in which the drug cannot be used.

Pregnancy and lactation

The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy.

How is Clomid used?

If you buy Clomiphene for infertility, the dosage and the length of the therapy depend on the sensitivity (responsiveness) of the ovaries. In regular periods, it is recommended to start the therapy on the 5th day of the cycle (or 3rd day of the cycle in case of early ovulation if the follicular phase is shorter than 12 days). In amenorrhea (lack of menstruation for at least six months), the treatment can be started at any day of the menstrual cycle.

1 scheme of the treatment: 50 mg is taken for 5 days with the control of the ovaries response through clinical and laboratory tests. Ovulation usually occurs between 11 and 15 days of the cycle. In case of a lack of ovulation as a reaction to the course, scheme II is implemented.

2 scheme of the treatment: from the 5th day of the next cycle 100 mg are taken daily for five days. If no ovulation occurs after this scheme, the same treatment (5 days in the next cycle from the 5th day by 100 mg) is repeated.

In case of lack of ovaries response, a three-month break is made and then other courses are implemented (repeated scheme 1 and 2 if needed). If after repeated courses there is no ovulation, the treatment should not be continued. The total dosage for a menstrual cycle must not exceed 750 mg.

For the treatment of amenorrhea (lack of menstruation) after the use of hormonal contraceptives, the dosage is 50 mg a day for five days.

These are the treatment schemes provided in the medication package insert. However, it is highly recommended to undergo all the necessary tests and consult a doctor first before you buy generic Clomiphene and start using it.

Clomid overdose

Symptoms: nausea, vomiting, nasal discharges, visual disturbances (blurred vision, light flashes, scotomas), ovaries size increase, pain in the abdomen. The treatment implies the induction of vomiting and the intake of activated carbon. In addition to eliminating the active substance, in case of an overdose, supportive therapy can be used. No data on dialysis efficacy for Clomiphene elimination from the body.

What adverse effects can Clomid cause?

- From the nervous system: headache, dizziness, fatigue; exhaustion, convulsions, nervous tension, insomnia, fainting, cerebral thrombosis, neurological disorders, disorientation and speech disorder.

- From the side of the organ of vision: visual impairment (photosensitivity, twins in the eyes, blurry contours, photophobia, scotomas) after the image, cataracts, scotoma optic neuritis, phosphenes (flashes), decreased visual acuity.

- From the alimentary canal: nausea, vomiting, “acute abdomen”, stool disorders, abdominal pain, flatulence, pancreas dysfunction.. - From the digestive system: deviation from the norm indicators of liver function, hepatitis, jaundice.

- From the cardiovascular system: tachycardia, palpitations.

- From the urinary system: an increase in the frequency of urination.

- On the part of the skin and subcutaneous tissue: allergic dermatitis, rashes, itching, blisters, reverse hair loss; erythema multiforme, ecchymosis, angioedema, alopecia, urticaria.

- Metabolic disorders: increase or decrease in body weight, increased appetite, hypertriglyceridemia. - From the vascular system: vasomotor phenomena, hot flashes; cerebral thrombosis.

- From the reproductive system and mammary glands: pathological uterine bleeding, dysmenorrhea, ovarian enlargement, painful menstruation, soreness and discomfort in the mammary glands; dry vaginal mucosa; ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, the appearance or worsening of manifestations of endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy.

- In few cases was reported the appearance of hormonal tumors or worsening their course, ovarian cancer.

- Intermenstrual bleeding or menorrhagia (abundant period).

- Mental disorders: depression, paranoid psychosis.

- Hot flashes observed during treatment cease after treatment. Cystic ovarian growth may also occur, articularily in Stein-Leventhal syndrome. In these cases, the ovaries can increase to 4-8 cm, so you need to check the body temperature, and when it becomes biphasic, treatment should be discontinued. The probability of multiple pregnancy is growing.

- Pregnancy, postpartum and prenatal period: multiple pregnancy; both intrauterine and ectopic pregnancy; ectopic pregnancy.

- Benign neoplasms, malignant and of uncertain etiology;

- Neoplasms or tumors depend on the endocrine system; ovarian cancer.

- From the immune system: allergic reactions. S

ide effects are dose-dependent and often appear when using large doses and with an extended course of treatment, as was the case in studies.

When treated in recommended doses, adverse reactions are not noticeable and do not affect treatment. When using the drug in recommended doses, ovaries size increase is not often observed, although with a change in the cycle, the size of the ovaries may increase. Similarly, pain in the ovaries may increase when the cycle changes (ovulatory syndrome).

Also, with an increase in the dose and a long course of treatment, the result of an increase in the ovaries may cause cysts and lengthening of the luteal phase of the cycle.

Incidence of adverse reactions in clinical tests (greater than 1%) (Number of patients = 8029)

Adverse Event % of patients
Ovarian enlargement 13.6
Vasomotor flushes 10.4
Abdominal-pelvic discomfort/distention/bloating 5.5
Nausea and vomiting 2.2
Breast discomfort 2.1

Visual symptoms: blurred vision, lights, floaters,  unspecified visual complaints

Headache 1.3
Abnormal uterine bleeding 1.3
Intermenstrual spotting, menorrhagia 1
Special recommendations for Clomiphene use

- Before you order generic Clomiphene and start the treatment, it is recommended to monitor liver function, hormonal status and gonadotropin level during renal excretion, and conduct a thorough gynecological examination. The use of the drug is recommended only in cases where the level of total urinary gonadotropin is lower than the lower limit of the norm or is normal, when normal-sized ovaries and normal thyroid and adrenal function are palpated. - In the absence of ovulation, other possible causes of infertility must be excluded and adjusted before starting Clomiphene therapy. If increase of the ovaries size or cystic transformation is observed, the use of the formulation is not allowed until the ovaries become normal in size.

- Throughout the course, the ovaries should be examined regularly.

- Throughout the course with Clomiphene, it is very difficult to determine the time of ovulation and, as a result, an insufficient exit of the corpus luteum is often found, therefore, it is advised to begin prophylactic treatment with progesterone after conception.

- The formulation must be used under the constant supervision of a gynecologist.

- A good level of endogenous estrogen provides a favorable prognosis for ovulation while taking Clomiphene. A low estrogen level is less beneficial, does not exclude a successful treatment outcome.

- Clomiphene is ineffective in primary insufficiency of the pituitary or ovarian function. It cannot replace the specific treatment in other cases of ovulatory dysfunction, such as diseases of the thyroid gland or adrenal glands.

- Hyperprolactinemia requires other treatment. Clomiphene is not the first-line treatment for low weight associated with amenorrhea, infertility, and it does not depend on the high levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) that occurs with early menopause.

- Women who are appointed the formulation should be warned of vision problems such as blurred vision or other visual impairments such as spots or flashes (atrial scotoma) that occur during or shortly after the medication use discontinuation. Visual impairment is usually reversible; but some cases of prolonged visual impairment have been reported. It can be irreversible, especially when using a high dose or long treatment course. If any symptoms occur, course must be stopped imemdiately and a thorough examination by an ophthalmologist be carried out. Patients should be warned about these symptoms and that in this case they should not drive or operate machinery, especially when changing lighting.

- The pills contain lactose, therefore, they should not be used in individuals with rare hereditary galactose intolerance, lactase deficiency or malabsorption of glucose-galactose.

- There is a possibility of higher incidence of multiple pregnancies due to the use of the formulation.

- There is a risk of an ectopic pregnancy associated with the formulation use.

- It is necessary to use the drug with caution in women with uterine fibroids in connection with a possible further increase in fibroids.

Where can you buy Clomid?

You can order generic Clomid from our online drugstore to save on the prescription and the pills. However, we highly advise you to consult a gynecologist first.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

For more answers see the FAQ section


Product Reviews:

Jul / 03 / 2019 Karen Sims   USA, Glendale
  I had irregular periods and planned to get pregnant. I was happy to get pregnant on the first cycle of clomid.
Sep / 08 / 2018 Celena Chilcott   USA, Emerald hills
  I had a problem with getting pregnant as I was not ovulating without medical treatment. I was prescribed Clomiphene and used it for 8 months, dosage 100mg. I was happy finally to get pregnant and my son is is now 1 year old.

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