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Women`s Health Medication (Estradiol)

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Vagifem is a topical medication based on Estradiol, a synthetic analog of natural female hormone. The level of estradiol substantially drops in menopause causing many problems including dryness and discomfort in the vagina especially during intercourse. The vaginal tablets help solving this problem without affecting all other systems of the body with the impact of estradiol. Read the full medication guide to know how to use Vagifem.
Vaginal discomfort in menopause caused by low estradiol level, Vaginal dryness
The medication helps to eliminate vaginal symptoms of low estradiol such as dryness, irritation and pain during sex
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Estradiol (Generic Vagifem)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Vagifem and when is it used?

Vagifem is a brand of a topical formulation based on the hormone estradiol. Estradiol is a natural female hormone which starts to be produced in the body with the first menstrual bleeding and stops to be produced in menopause. It plays an important role in the multiple processes of the women’s body such as:

- Regulation of menstrual cycle;

- Ensuring good blood coagulation;

- Normal level of estradiol ensures lower risk of atherosclerosis;

- Normalization of cholesterol level;

- Ensuring sufficient lubrication for comfort intercourse.

The medications based on Estradiol are sold under different names and in different forms. On this webpage we are reviewing the topical formulation – intra-vaginal estradiol-based tablets with an applicator.

Short drug info
Trade names Estradiol, Estrace, Vagifem, others
Pregnancy use Contraindicated
Routes of administration Topical (vaginal)
Metabolism Liver (via hydroxylation, sulfation, glucuronidation)
Protein binding ~98%: Albumin: 60% SHBG: 38% Free: 2%
Biological half-life Topical (gel): 36.5 hours

Urine: 54%

Feces: 6%

You can buy Vagifem or its analog from another manufacturer for discomfort in the vaginal area, which may be due to insufficient estrogen levels in menopause. The discomfort caused by low estradiol can be manifested in itching, burning, dryness, pain during sexual intercourse, and insufficient lubrication during an intercourse.

To make up for the hormone deficiency, a gynecologist may recommend you to buy Estradiol. In some cases, oral administration of another formulation of the drug is prescribed. But if the symptoms are only local, a topical formulation is preferable. These are vaginal tablets, which allow you to get rid of itching, burning, dryness, and pain. The advantages of local therapy are high efficiency and targeted action (the body is less exposed to high doses of estrogen). The basis of the drug is bioidentical form of estradiol.

When and how to use?

Tablets are used for medical purposes, the treatment regimen is selected individually. The standard regimen recommended by the instructions is 1 tablet daily for two weeks, then 1 tablet twice a week.

Vagifem is usually used for atrophic vaginitis during menopause as an estrogen replacement therapy after a thorough examination. Progestin may be prescribed at the same time with this medication. The tablets are inserted into the vagina using the applicator, which is included in the package.

When the use of Vagifem is contraindicated?

Like any hormonal drugs, Vagifem has contraindications. Do not buy generic Vagifem in:

- Allergy to the medication manifested increased discomfort after use or other intense adverse effects;

- Endometrial hyperplasia;

- Vaginal bleeding of unidentified cause;

- Cancer including suspected cancer;

- Thromboembolism or thromboembolic conditions.

- Herpes;

- Inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs.

The use of oral estradiol is contraindicated for more conditions. Sometimes, a doctor can decide that it is not save to use even topical estradiol in their presence so it is advised to consult your gynecologist and undergo all necessary tests and examinations before you buy generic Estradiol vaginal tablets and start using them. This hormone pays an important role in many processes of the body so if there are any diseases which it can affect, they can get aggravated. Thus, the use of the drug should be made only if any risk factors are excluded.

What adverse effects can Vagifem cause?

In some patients, the use of Vagifem (estradiol) may cause:

- Vaginal discharge;

- Acne or discoloration of the skin;

- Soreness or swelling of the mammary glands;

- Unwanted growth of hair;

- Hair loss;

- Problems when wearing contact lenses.

If any side effects become serious or cause anxiety, consult a doctor. If any severe side effects such as uncontrolled body movements, joint pain, breast lumps, signs of high blood pressure or abnormal vaginal bleeding, you should seek emergency medical help.

Treatment-Emergent Adverse Reactions Reported at a Frequency of ≥ 5 Percent in Women Receiving Vagifem 10 mcg

Body System Adverse Reaction
Placebo N = 103 (%)
Vagifem N = 205 (%)
Back Pain
2 (2)
14 (7)
11 (5)
Vulvovaginal Mycotic Infection
3 (3)
17 (8)
Vulvovaginal Pruritus
2 (2)
16 (8)

 Treatment-Emergent Adverse Reactions Reported at a Frequency of ≥ 5 Percent in Women Receiving Vagifem 25 mcg

Body System Adverse Reaction
Placebo N = 47 (%)
Vagifem N = 91 (%)
3 (6)
8 (9))
Abdominal Pain
2 (4)
6 (7)
Back Pain
3 (6)
6 (7)
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
2 (4)
5 (5)
Moniliasis Genital (funal infection)
1 (2)
5 (5)

Special instructions for Vagifem use

Vagifem (estradiol) should not be used by patients during pregnancy, breastfeeding or in the presence of cardiovascular disease, blood clots in history of breast cancer diagnosed or suspected, vaginal bleeding of unknown etiology.

Also necessary inform the doctor about the presence of uterine fibroids, benign breast tumors/cysts, a history of endometriosis, varicose veins, severe obesity, asthma, gallstones, diabetes, migraines, epilepsy, hypertension or high blood triglycerides, as listed factors can cause unforeseen complications during treatment.

Storage conditions

You should store the tablets in their original package at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C (77 F).

Where can you buy Vagifem?

The vaginal tablets are sold in the regular drugstores with a prescription only. If you want to save, you should order generic Vagifem, i.e. an analog with a less known name but the same composition, at our drugstore.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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