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Women`s Health Medication (Femara)

Generic name:
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Femara or Letrozole is an anti-tumor medication used as an addition to chemotherapy and surgery or instead of them if these options are unsuitable for hormone-dependent breast cancer in postmenopausal women. The effect of the medication is based on the suppression of estrogens production from androgens through the inhibition of the aromatase that ensures this transformation. In estrogen-dependent tumors, this helps achieving tumor size reduction and prevention of relapses.
Hormone-dependent breast cancer in postmenopausal women, Infertility
The medication helps to slow down or reverse growth of hormone-dependent breast cancer and helps preventing relapses
Cipla - Caring for life
Cipla - Caring for life
Femara (Generic Letrozole)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is generic Femara and when is it used?

The medication known in the U.S. and some other countries as Femara is based on a nonsteroidal inhibitor of estrogens synthesis with an unpatented name Letrozole. It is an anti-tumor medication used as an addition to the conservative treatment of cancer in the diagnosed hormone-dependent tumors. If your doctor prescribes you this drug, you can either buy Femara or a generic, i.e. the same drug with the active substance Letrozole but made by other manufacturers.

Short drug info
Trade names Femara, others
Pregnancy category US: D (Evidence of risk)
Routes of administration By mouth (tablets)
Drug class Aromatase inhibitor; Antiestrogen
Legal status

CA: Schedule VII

UK: POM (Prescription only)

US: Rx-only

Bioavailability 99.9%
Protein binding 60%, mainly to albumin
Metabolism pharmacologically-inactive metabolites Bis(4-cyanophenyl)methanol and 4,4'-dicyanobenzophenone.
Elimination half-life 2 days
Excretion Kidneys

In the cases when tumor growth depends on the level of estrogens, the suppression of their impact can facilitate curing of cancer with chemotherapy, surgery, and other first-line treatments.

In postmenopausal women, estrogens are formed primarily with the participation of aromatase enzyme which transforms androgens androstenedione and testosterone in estrogens. The medication described and sold on this webpage inhibits this enzyme responsible for the conversion. This allows achieving the suppression of estrogens production in the body tissues and the tumor.

According to the studies, the daily use of the medication in the dosage of 0.1 mg to 5 mg in women with metastasizing breast cancer, lowers the level of estrogens by 75-95% from the initial level. The use of the dosages higher than 0.5 mg lowers the level of estrogens to such level that it cannot be identified during the tests. This means that the use of these dosages promotes the most effective suppression of estrogens production which is maintained throughout the whole course of treatment.

The medication acts specifically on estrogens as it is proven that it doesn’t interfere with the production of steroid hormones in the adrenal glands. This means that there is no need to use glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids.

The suppression of estrogens formation from androgens doesn’t result in the accumulation of androgens. In patients who use Femara, there is no changes in the levels of luteinizing and follicle hormones in blood plasma, and also there were no changes in thyroid function, which was evaluated by the levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone.

When is Femara prescribed?

Your doctor can appoint you the medication and you can buy generic Femara if you a postmenopausal woman for:

- As an addition to the first-line therapy of hormone-dependent early-stage breast cancer;

- As an addition to the first-line therapy of invasive early-stage breast cancer in women who underwent adjuvant therapy with Tamoxifen for five years;

- First-line therapy of estrogen-dependent metastatic mammary gland cancer;

- Treatment of metastatic cancer in natural or artificially-induced postmenopause after a relapse or growth of the tumor of the disease for women who had been undergoing therapy with antiestrogens.

- Neoadjuvant therapy for localized hormone-positive, HER2-negative mammary gland cancer for whom chemotherapy doesn’t suit and who does not require emergency surgery.

When is the use of Femara contraindicated?

You should not buy Letrozole even if you have breast cancer in case you are:

- Of childbearing age (the medication is used only in postmenopausal period);

- Pregnant or breastfeeding;

- Develop severe adverse effects to the medication.

How is Femara used?

Here you can find the information from the drug’s package insert. But please keep in mind that cancer treatment requires individual approach and you should follow your doctor’s recommendations over the recommendations in the instruction if they are not the same.

The recommended dosage is 2.5 mg once a day every day regardless of meals. For the adjuvant (additional) therapy, and extended adjuvant therapy, the medication use should be continued for five years or until a relapse of the disease occurs.

In metastatic cancer, the use of the medication should be continued till the signs of the disease progression do not become obvious.

As an adjuvant therapy, the medication is sometimes used for two years with the following transition to Tamoxifen for 3 years.

If the medication is used a part of neoadjuvant therapy, it should be used for four to eight months till the optimal lowering of the tumor size. If the response to the therapy is insufficient, Femara use should be discontinued and alternative (surgery or other cancer treatments) be proposed by a doctor.

Missed dosage should be taken as soon as a patient remembers. However, if she remembers to take it several hours before the next planned dosage intake, the missed dosage should be skipped.

Special groups of patients

- Liver or kidney diseases: women with mild and moderate liver or kidney diseases do not require dosage adjustments. Women with severe liver or kidney impairment should undergo the therapy under a constant doctoral supervision.

What adverse effects can Femara cause?

When you buy generic Letrozole you should know that it can cause certain adverse reactions of the body. Below you can find the table containing the most common adverse reactions to Femara (and generics) and their incidence compared to the use of Tamoxifen and Anastrozole.

Incidence of Femara adverse effects compared to Tamoxifen

Adverse Reactions
Femara N = 2448(%)
Tamoxifen N = 2447(%)
Patients with any adverse reaction
2309 (94.3)
2212 (90.4)
1280 (52.3)
700 (28.6)
Hot flashes
819 (33.5)
929 (38.0)
504 (20.6)
Bone fractures
280 (11.4)
Night sweats
356 (14.5)
426 (17.4)
Weight increase
317 (12.9)
378 (15.4)
284 (11.6)
277 (11.3)
Fatigue (lethargy, malaise, asthenia)
235 (9.6)
250 (10.2)
Myalgia (Muscle pain)
211 (9.0)
212 (8.7)
Vaginal bleeding
129 (5.3)
320 (13.1)
164 (6.7)
160 (6.5)
Weight decrease
140 (5.7)
129 (5.3)
67 (2.7)
Back pain
125 (5.1)
Bone pain
123 (5.0)
109 (4.5)
119 (4.9)
114 (4.7)
Vaginal irritation
112 (4.6)
77 (3.1)
105 (4.3)
94 (3.8)
Pain in extremity
103 (4.2)
79 (3.2)
87 (3.6)
76 (3.1)
84 (3.4)
80 (3.3)
83 (3.4)
83 (3.4)
80 (3.3)
80 (3.3)
49 (2.0)
54 (2.2)
49 (2.0)
71 (2.9)
Myocardial infarction
42 (1.7)
28 (1.1)
Breast pain
37 (1.5)
43 (1.8)
20 (0.8)
20 (0.8)
Endometrial proliferation disorders
14 (0.6)
86 (3.5)
Ovarian cyst
11 (0.4)
Endometrial hyperplasia/cancer
11 (0.4)
72 (2.9)
Endometrial hyperplasia/cancer
6/1909 (0.3)
57/1943 (2.9)
Other endometrial disorders
2 (< 0.1)
3 (0.1)
Myocardial ischemia
6 (0.2)
9 (0.4)
Cerebrovascular accident/TIA
74 (3.0)
68 (2.8)
Angina requiring surgery
35 (1.4)
33 (1.3)
Thromboembolic event
79 (3.2)
113 (4.6)
Cardiac failure
39 (1.6)
34 (1.4)
160 (6.5)
175 (7.2)
Other cardiovascular events
172 (7.0)
174 (7.1)
Second primary malignancy
129 (5.3)
150 (6.1)

Incidence of Femara adverse effects compared to Anastrozole

Adverse reaction
Letrozole N = 2049 n (%)
Anastrozole N = 2062 n (%)
Patients with at least one AR
2049 (100.0)
2062 (100.0)
987 (48.2)
987 (47.9)
Hot flush
666 (32.5)
666 (32.3)
345 (16.8)
343 (16.6)
223 (10.9)
225 (10.9)
233 (11.4)
212 (10.3)
Back pain
212 (10.3)
193 (9.4)
203 (9.9)
173 (8.4)
Pain in extremity
168 (8.2)
174 (8.4)
159 (7.8)
179 (8.7)
160 (7.8)
149 (7.2)
155 (7.6)
151 (7.3)
156 (7.6)
149 (7.2)
147 (7.2)
137 (6.6)
Bone pain
138 (6.7)
122 (5.9)
137 (6.7)
152 (7.4)
130 (6.3)
168 (8.1)
127 (6.2)
134 (6.5)
Musculoskeletal pain
123 (6.0)
147 (7.1)
Radiation skin injury
120 (5.9)
88 (4.3)
118 (5.8)
96 (4.7)
106 (5.2)
120 (5.8)
Musculoskeletal stiffness
84 (4.1)
94 (4.6)
109 (5.3)

Special recommendations for Femara use

- Before you order Femara, your doctor must ensure that you are in postmenopause. If it is unclear whether you are in postmenopause or not, before the treatment the tests for follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, and estradiol must be made. Considering that there are data on the restoration of ovaries function in users of Femara regardless of the clinically established postmenopausal status, if necessary, in the beginning of the therapy the doctor should consult a patient on adequate birth control since the medication can cause abortion or severe birth defects. The medication inhibits aromatase which in postmenopausal woman leads to the elevation of gonadotropin hormones that leads to the stimulation of follicles and can cause ovulation.

- There is no data on the medication use safety in women with severe kidney failure and creatinine clearance less than 10 ml/min. A doctor must carefully assess the risks and benefits before prescribing the drug in such condition.

- The medication can elevate the level of cholesterol in predisposed women so monitoring and possibly the use of lipid-lowering medications should be considered.

- Women with severe liver function impairment require special doctoral supervision.

- Femara is a potent medication that lowers the level of estrogen which can result in bones thinning in women with osteoporosis or those with history of bone fractures. Thus, for this group of patients it is necessary to assess the bone mineral density before, during and after treatment. In an adjuvant therapy it is also advised to consider the possibility of using sequential treatment regimens (Letrozole for 2 years, followed by switching to Tamoxifen for 3 years) depending on the patient’s safety profile.

- The use of the medication can influence some laboratory indicators such as lowering of lymphocytes which is temporary and transient.

- It is advised to avoid using Femara and Tamoxifen together or with other antagonists of estrogen or estrogen-containing drugs, since these substances can neutralize the pharmacological effect of Letrozole.

- The pills contain lactose so they are not recommended to be used by women with rare hereditary forms of galactose intolerance, severe lactase deficiency or malabsorption of glucose-galactose.

- The medication practically doesn’t influence the ability to drive or operate machinery but if a woman is dizzy, weakened, or sleepy which occurs very rarely, she should exert caution when driving or operating machinery.

Interactions of Femara

If you use any medications when you order Letrozole, make sure to inform your doctor.

- The medication’s metabolism is partially affected by СYР 2А6 and СYР 3А4 enzymes. Thus, the washing out of the medication from the body can be slowed down by the medicines that inhibit these enzymes. The medicines that induce these enzymes, on the contrary, accelerate Femara elimination from the body.

- There is no data on the medication use along with estrogens and other anti-cancer medications except for Tamoxifen. Tamoxifen and other medicine that affect the level of estrogens can significantly lower the effectiveness of Letrozole if used together so they must not be combined.

Where can you buy Femara?

The medication should be taken for many months or even years. Thus, to save on the therapy, the optimal way is to order generic Femara from our online drugstore. We ship internationally an if you order this or other medications for the total sum of $170, we will ship your order for free.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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