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Women`s Health Medication (Fosamax)

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Fosamax is one of the trade names of the active substance Alendronate. It is a medication that prevents bone tissue destruction in osteoporosis. It is mainly appointed for postmenopausal women who due to the low level of estrogen develop osteoporosis and are susceptible to bone or spine fractures. The medication is also used in men and in people with Paget’s disease, and hypercalcemia in malignant tumors. Find out how it is used, what adverse effects the drug can cause, and so on, from the guide below.
Paget’s disease, Osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, Osteoporosis in men, Hypercalcemia in malignant tumors
The medication helps to stop bone destruction and contributes to the restoration of destructed bone tissue
Cipla - Caring for life
Cipla - Caring for life
Osteofos, Ostepos, Resofos, Acide Alendronique, Acido Alendronico, Adronat, Alendronic acid, Alendros, Arendal, Onclast
Fosamax (Generic Alendronate)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Fosamax and when is it used?

Fosamax is a registered trademark of Merck. The medication sold under this name is based on Alendronic acid or Alendronate. There are also other manufacturers of the same drug so if your healthcare provider prescribes you Fosamax, you can buy generic Fosamax, i.e. the same drug made by another company and sold cheaper.

Short drug info
Trade names Fosamax, Osteofos, Ostepos, Resofos, others
Other names Alendronate, alendronate sodium
Pregnancy category C
Routes of administration By mouth
Legal status UK: POM (Prescription only)
Bioavailability 0.6%
Metabolism excreted unchanged
Elimination half-life 126 months
Excretion Kidney

The medication is an inhibitor of the bone tissue destruction in osteoporosis. When the medication is used by a patient diagnosed with the condition, the bone destruction is slowed down or completely stopped and normal bone tissue is formed.

When can you use Fosamax?

You can buy Fosamax for the therapy of:

- Paget's disease,

- Osteoporosis for prophylaxis fractures, including thigh and spine) in postmenopausal women and in men.

- Hypercalcemia in malignant tumors.

Please note that prior to starting using the formulation for these conditions, you must consult your physician and undergo all necessary tests. There are different medications with different effects for the same conditions and only a specialist can choose the right treatment for you.

When is the use of Fosamax contraindicated?

You should not buy Alendronate in:

- Hypersensitivity or allergy to the drug’s ingredients;

- Pregnancy and lactation;

- For the treatment of children.

- Diseases of the esophagus that slow down its emptying (including narrowing or achalasia);

- Inability to stand or sit for half an hour after pill swallowing;

- Hypocalcemia.

The use is possible but with caution and if the benefits are considered greater than the risks:

- Digestive diseases in the acute phase (dysphagia, esophagitis, gastritis, duodenitis, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum);

- Chronic renal failure;

- Vitamin D deficiency.

How is Fosamax used?

The formulation is either used by 70 mg once a week or by 10 mg every day. Individuals with moderately impaired kidney function do not need the lowering of the dosage.

The medication must be swallowed at least half an hour prior to the first meal, coffee, or use of any medicines. It should be washed out with a full glass of water. Other drinks and some medicines can significantly diminish the absorption of the effectiveness of the treatment. To avoid esophagus irritation, the medication should be taken once you get out of bed in the morning. After the pill intake, you should not lay down at least for 30 minutes. The medication should not be taken before going to bed or before you get up from the bed. In a user is neglecting these recommendations, the adverse effects related to the esophagus irritation are likely to occur.

Fosamax overdose

The symptoms of overdose are hypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, diarrhea, heartburn, esophagitis, gastritis, erosive and ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract. Treatment: consumption of milk or calcium-containing antacids (vomiting should not be caused not to irritate the esophagus), symptomatic therapy.

Possible adverse effects of Fosamax

Osteoporosis treatment studies in postmenopausal women adverse reactions considered likely to be related to the medication use that occurred in more than 1% of users

Adverse Reactions
FOSAMAX+ % (n=3236)
Placebo % (n=3223)
abdominal pain
acid regurgitation
esophageal ulcer
abdominal distention
musculoskeletal (bone, muscle or joint) pain
muscle cramp
taste perversion

Can Alendronate be used with other medicines?

If you buy Alendronate when you already use other medications, make sure to talk to your physician on their combination.

- Medicines that contain calcium, including antacids (heartburn medicines), diminish the effect of the therapy. The interval between these drugs intake should be at least one hour.

- Aspirin and NSAIDs can enhance the negative effects of osteoporosis medication on the digestive tract since they alone can cause stomach ulcers, esophagitis, and other disorders. Thus, if these medicines are used at the same time, caution is needed.

Special recommendations

- Before you order Fosamax, you should know that in case of any digestive system disorder signs, for example, painful swallowing or behind the sternum, the appearance or intensification of heartburn, it is necessary to cease using the medication and consult a doctor.

- The probability of severe negative symptoms from the esophagus occurrence is higher in violation of the rules for taking the drug (they are in a horizontal position after taking the dosage, drink insufficient water with a pill, continue using the medication in the appearance of digestive system disorders). Therefore, the user should be clearly informed about the rules for taking the drug.

- The medication should be prescribed with caution in exacerbation of diseases of the upper digestive system tract (GERD, gastritis, duodenitis, etc.) due to the possible irritating effect of the pills on the mucous membrane and aggravation of the underlying disease.

- If you accidentally skip taking the drug at a dosage of one time per week, you should take one pill in the morning of the next day. You must not take two 70 mg pills in 1 day, but in the future, you must continue to take one pill on that day of the week, which was chosen to be taken from the very beginning of treatment.

- Before starting the treatment, the blood calcium level should be normalized and vitamin D deficit should be compensated.

- Due to the fact that the medication elevates the content of minerals in bones, there may be a slight diminishing in serum calcium and phosphate levels (particularly in users of glucocorticosteroids which lower calcium absorption).

- Patients should take dietary supplements with calcium and vitamin D if they are not adequately supplied with food. - In clinical tests, age-related differences in the efficacy or safety of the medication were not observed.

Where can you buy Fosamax?

At regular drugstores in some countries, the medication is sold only with a prescription. But you can save on it plus on the price difference if you order generic Fosamax from our online drugstore. We offer international free shipping on orders over $170.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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