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Women`s Health Medication (Ovral-L)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol
Ovral-L is a combined hormonal contraceptive drug for women of childbearing age. It is an effective medication that helps avoiding pregnancy in 99% cases when it is used correctly by one pill a day at the same time. It prevents ovulation, doesn’t allow sperm to reach an egg, and even if an egg is fertilized, ensures that it is not attached to the uterus. It also helps normalizing irregular periods, eliminate period cramps, and hormonal acne. Find more information about Ovral-L use in the guide below.
Contraception, Birth control, Prevention of pregnancy, Regulation of the menstrual cycle, Hormonal acne
The medication ensures 99% protection of unplanned pregnancy, regulates menstrual cycle and lowers period cramps
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Ovral-L (Generic Norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is the medication sold under the name Ovral-L and when is it prescribed?

If your doctor told you to buy Ovral-L, you should know that it is a contraceptive medication based on synthetic versions of hormones found in the woman’s body - progestogen and estrogen.

There are different combined hormonal contraceptives so it's always better to consult a gynecologist, get fully examined and take all necessary tests and then buy the drug your doctor prescribed based on your individual features.

Short drug info
Trade names Ovral-L, others
Drug class Combined oral hormonal contraceptives
Composition norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol
Routes of administration By mouth
Legal status US: Rx-only
Bioavailability Oral: <5%
Protein binding ~98%: Albumin: 60% SHBG: 38% Free: 2%
Metabolism Liver (via hydroxylation, sulfation, glucuronidation)
Biological half-life Oral: 13–20 hours Sublingual: 8–18 hours Topical (gel): 36.5 hours
Excretion Urine: 54% Feces: 6%

Besides contraception/birth control, Ovral-L can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle. It can be prescribed to women who suffer from:

- Intense period cramps,

- Heavy periods,

- Irregular periods,

- Acne caused by hormonal imbalance, and other conditions at a doctor’s discretion.

Comparison of contraception methods by effectiveness

Contraception method
Perfect use (the method is always used correctly)
Typical use (method isn't always used correctly, i.e. missed pill)
Long-active reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods (implants)
Contraceptive injection
Patch and ring
Contraceptive pill
Sterilisation (permanent contraception)
Male condoms
Female condoms
Diaphragms and caps
Natural family planning (a woman monitors and records different fertility signals during her menstrual cycle to work out when she's likely to get pregnant)

What to keep in mind when buying Ovral-L?

- Oral contraceptives protect you from getting pregnant but not from sexually transmitted infections. Only a condom can protect you from the diseases that can be transmitted during intercourse.

- Although oral hormonal birth control pills are very effective and allow avoiding pregnancy in 99% of cases, there is a risk of an unplanned pregnancy if a single or especially several pills are missed.

- During the first week of any contraceptive pills use you need additional contraception methods because there are not enough hormones from the pills in your body to ensure protection from pregnancy.

- When a woman stops taking Ovral-L or other birth control and wants to get pregnant, she should consult a doctor as there may be needed some time free of pills to ensure the safe conception and development of a baby. - In some women, after long-term use of hormonal contraceptives, amenorrhea or lack of menstruation develops. It is treated by a course of medicines such as Clomiphene.

- Some medicines used together with birth control pills can interfere with their effect so a woman who uses this method of contraception should consult her gynecologist on the combination of any drugs.

For whom use of Ovral-L is contraindicated?

For some women, this particular form of contraception or namely this hormonal combination can be unsuitable.

You shouldn’t buy generic Ovral-L in:

- Any heart or vessel disorders, especially related to blood clots formation.

- Any conditions that make a person predisposed to the formation of blood clots including a history of angina attacks, and so on.

- Migraine;

- Diabetes with complications affecting blood vessels;

- Severe pancreatitis including in history;

- Liver diseases in acute form, liver failure, liver tumor;

- Kidney failure;

- Hormone-dependent cancerous tumors including suspected;

- History of vaginal bleeding of the unidentified cause;

- Pregnancy;

- Allergy or intolerance of the formulation’s components;

- You are 35 years or older and smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day.

You should inform your gynecologist and buy norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol only if they approve in:

- History of breast cancer in your family;

- History of blood clotting conditions in your family;

- If you suffer from obesity;

- You have had a recent surgery or have a planned surgery soon;

- History of severe cardiovascular and heart diseases in your family;

- You have Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis;

- You have sickle cell anemia;

- You have phlebitis of superficial veins;

- You have any severity liver disease;

- During pregnancy or when taking other sex hormones, you developed complications or new diseases or conditions such as cholestasis (bile stasis in the ducts manifested in yellowing of the skin), hearing impairment, porphyria, herpes, diabetes, and others.

- If you have had recently given birth.

How does Ovral-L act?

The protection from unplanned pregnancy ensured by this contraception method is based on the multifaceted action of the hormones they ensure:

- Prevention of maturation of an egg and ovulation;

- Thickening of the uterine fluid that doesn’t allow sperm to reach an egg;

- Changing the uterus lining so that if an egg is fertilized, it still cannot attach to the wall.

How is Ovral-L used?

It is easy to use oral contraceptives because the first pill is always indicated as the “start” or something similar. Then, you have to take the next pill every day at the same time. The first pill is taken on the first Sunday after your last menstrual period or on the first day of it.

If you buy Ovral-L 21-pill form, after you finish the pack, you need to take a break of 7 days and start the new pack on the 8th day.

If you use a 28-pill form, there are no breaks in the pills use, i.e. once you end one pack; you need to start the new one right away. This form has 7 reminder pills that do not contain any hormones, so you basically have a 7-day break between the use of the hormones. It is made for convenience only.

You should remember that the pills should be taken at the same time every day. If there, for instance, you take one pill at 8 AM and the next one at 4 PM the next day, there is a risk of less reliable protection because the hormones in one pill ensure their optimal level for only 12 hours.

If you haven’t been using any other hormonal contraceptives prior to Ovral-L, use additional non-hormonal contraception for the first week of the pills use. It is needed because during the first week there is an insufficient level of hormones for the prevention of pregnancy. If you have been using other birth control pills, consult your gynecologist on how to transit from them to this formulation or read the package insert.

Can you overdose on Ovral-L?

If you take more than one pill in 12 hours you can develop such adverse effects as nausea, vomiting, and blood-containing vaginal discharges. Inform your gynecologist if you overdosed.

What adverse effects can Ovral-L cause?

Typically, all combined contraceptives have similar adverse effects so when you buy generic norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol you can develop nausea and tenderness of breasts. These symptoms are reported by 6% of women.

In the table below you can find other possible adverse reactions to the medication use by incidence.

Adverse reactions
Mental effects
Mood swings, depression, depressed mood, decreased or loss of libido
Nervous system
Vascular disorders
Venous or arterial thromboembolism
Digestive tract
Reproductive system and mammary glands
Pain in the mammary glands, irregular uterine bleeding, vaginal bleeding of unknown cause

Other negative effects:

- Blood-like discharges can occur during the first months of contraceptive use between menstruations. They are normal if they are not resulting in heavy bleedings and end in the fourth month of the medication use.

- Increase of the body weight;

- Headache;

- Bloating;

- Arterial tension elevation;

- Erythema nodosum;

- In women with an increased level of triglycerides, there is a higher risk of pancreatitis development;

- There are conditions that can worsen during the use of contraceptives though their correlation is not proven: skin yellowing and itching of the skin related to bile stasis, gallbladder stones; porphyria; lupus; hemolytic uremic syndrome; chorea; herpes; otosclerosis-related hearing loss.

- In women with hereditary angioedema the symptoms of the disorder can worsen;

- Liver dysfunction;

- Impairment of glucose tolerance and insulin resistance;

- Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis;

- Tan or dark skin discoloration;

- Hypersensitivity (including symptoms such as rash, urticaria).

In case of a severe allergic reaction, severe vaginal bleeding, dizziness, numbness in one part of the body, pain in the left arm, heartache, and other symptoms that can be related to an acute heart condition – seek emergency help.

If during the use of the medication you develop yellowing of the skin, darkening of urine, pain in the abdomen, lumps in the breasts, or intermenstrual bleedings do not stop in three months of the medication use – inform your gynecologist.

Interactions of Ovral-L with other medicines

If you use any other medicines when you order Ovral-L, consult your gynecologist. Some medicines can influence the effect of hormonal contraceptives, they include:

- Antibiotics designed to treat tuberculosis and meningitis.

- Broad-spectrum antibiotics.

- Anticonvulsants (anti-seizure drugs).

- Medicines for HIV treatment;

- Antifungal medicines;

- Antidepressants;

- Herbal medicines.

Where can you buy Ovral-L?

You can get the medication at your local drugstores or order Ovral-L from our online pharmacy and enjoy a much lower price. We ship internationally and even ship orders for free if they are over $170.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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