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Women`s Health Medication (Sildenafil Citrate)

Generic name:
Sildenafil Citrate
Brand name:
Lovegra Oral Jelly
Lovegra is a “female Viagra” based on Sildenafil citrate. It helps women to get aroused physically easily ensuring sufficient lubrication and increased sensitivity of the clitoris and vagina due to improved blood inflow. The medication helps women have pleasurable intercourse with orgasms even if they have never had them before.
Low libido in women, low sex drive in women, inability or trouble to get aroused, vaginal dryness and soreness during intercourse, vaginal dryness and soreness due to perimenopause, vaginal dryness and soreness due to menopause, improvement of sex life, inability to achieve an orgasm for a woman
Lovegra helps women to get physically aroused and ready for intercourse – it improves lubrication and vaginal sensitivity ensuring pleasurable intercourse with orgasms
Ajanta Pharma Limited
Ajanta Pharma Limited
Sildenafil Citrate (Generic Lovegra Oral Jelly)
Sildenafil Citrate (Generic Lovegra Oral Jelly)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Lovegra oral jelly and who needs it?

The medication offered on this page is based on Sildenafil citrate, the active substance of the well-known erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. However, namely women can buy Lovegra as it is a medication designed especially for them. The thing is that arousal mechanism in men in women is similar – it regulated by hormones but actualized by the inflow of the blood to the genitalia.

Arousal is a reaction of the body, showing its readiness for sexual intercourse. Besides the physiological response, it also includes a feeling of physical arousal. In men, it results in erection, in women, in the production of natural lubrication, increased sensitivity of the vagina, swelling of the labia. However, both men and women can suffer from the inability to get physically aroused even when psychologically they are already ready for intercourse. This is when such drugs as Viagra and Lovegra come to the rescue – they improve the blood inflow to the genitalia when a person is aroused, i.e. during foreplay, watching their partner get undressed, etc.

The discovery that Sildenafil citrate can help men with different types of erectile dysfunction also known as impotence, revolutionized the treatment of sexual dysfunctions in men. Previously, no medication was able to restore erection in a man who for some reason, most commonly, due to chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, couldn’t achieve an erection for years. With Sildenafil, even men in their 80s could develop a strong and durable erection sufficient for complete sexual intercourse. This made the drug very popular and now the brand name Viagra is known basically to everyone because of popular culture. But not many know that the medication is also effective for women! This is probably due to the fact that women’s sexual dysfunctions seem less extreme than impotence in men - a man without an erection simply cannot have sexual intercourse but a woman with insufficient lubrication and expansion of the vagina can but at what cost! When a woman is unable to get physically aroused, even when she thinks that she is ready and wants to have sex, intercourse results in discomfort and even pain. But it’s easier to produce and market the medication for men who cannot have intercourse without Sildenafil than for women who can have sex but simply will not enjoy it. Fortunately, the researchers found out that the same substance can also help women with physical arousal and created a special formulation for women – Lovegra oral jelly.

Short information about Lovegra oral jelly

Ajanta Pharma Limited
Active ingredient Sildenafil citrate
Form Oral jelly
Dosage 100 mg
When taken 1 hour before intercourse
Time of effect Up to 6 hours
Daily dosage 100 mg
Compatibility wih alcohol Not compatible

Who can benefit from the effect of Lovegra oral jelly?

Any women older than 18 can buy Lovegra oral jelly and use it in case:

- She suffers from insufficient or no lubrication and soreness during intercourse;
- She finds it difficult to get aroused, too much time is needed to get physically aroused;
- She cannot achieve an orgasm;
- She is in her perimenopause and menopause and suffers from vaginal dryness and soreness;
- She has lowered sex drive (for any reason including the use of drugs that affect it, such as antidepressants);
- She wants to spice up her sex life.
- She finds it hard to fully relax and enjoy intimacy.

There could be multiple reasons why a woman cannot get sufficiently physically aroused. Naturally, it is better to undergo all necessary medical examinations to find out the underlying reason. But if there are no manageable reasons or when their treatment still doesn’t provide the desired effect, a woman can buy Sildenafil citrate in a formulation designed for women and substantially improve her intimate life.

Worth noting that in perimenopause and menopause women naturally start suffering from lowered sex drive and vaginal soreness and dryness due to changes in their bodies. Sometimes it is solved by the use of estrogens but they are not always safe to use and can cause multiple adverse reactions. Lovegra is a safer way to enjoy intimacy in these periods of life because it is safer (it doesn’t contain hormones), has fewer side effects, and is used only when you plan to have sex and not constantly.

How does Lovegra oral jelly work?

The effect of the medication is based on suppression of a certain enzyme, phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5), which doesn’t allow smooth muscles to relax. And the relaxation of smooth muscles is the key to physical arousal both in men and women. With the relaxation of these muscles, the vessels in the male and female’s genitalia expand and are freely filled in with the blood and arousal occurs.  In men, it results in an erection, and in women, as we have already said, in enhanced lubrication, sensitivity, and expansion of the vagina which facilitates penetration.

The medication affects only smooth muscles that are present in the genitalia and lungs but at the dosages used when you order Lovegra oral jelly, it affects only the genitalia.

Who should not use Lovegra oral jelly?

The medication is safe if you don’t have contraindications for its use which include:

- Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
- The use of certain medicines (see the list below);
- Intolerance of the main or additional components of the medication (i.e. allergy, severe side effects in previous uses);
- Severe heart disease (for example, recent heart attack, severe coronary artery disease, etc.);
- Flare-up of chronic diseases (for example, stomach ulcer, liver cirrhosis, gynecological disease, etc.).

Lovegra is contraindicated to be used with:

- Cimetidine, Ketoconazole, Erythromycin Sodium;
- Nitrate medicines (for instance, Nitroglycerin, Isosorbide, Nitroprusside, Amyl nitrite or amyl nitrate), and others. If the drug is used along with any nitrate-containing medicines, it can result in sudden death.
- Calcium channel blockers (CCB), beta-blockers, and oral hypoglycemic drugs.

If you currently take any medicines and are not sure whether they can be included in these groups, consult your doctor first before you order generic Sildenafil citrate and start using it.

What adverse effects can Lovegra oral jelly cause?

Usually, the drug is well tolerated but in some individuals, it can cause:

- Headache;
-  Flushes of blood to the face;
- Dizziness;
- Digestion disorders (indigestion, heartburn, etc.);
- Stuffy nose;
- Temporary vision impairment/changes (changes in the perception of colors, increased sensitivity to light, blurred vision).

How is Lovegra oral jelly used?

The single dosage per day is 100 mg or one oral jelly with a juicy taste that doesn’t require washing down with water. It should be used 40 minutes or one hour before planned intercourse to let the medication start its action at the right time.

Where can you buy Lovegra oral jelly?

You can order Lovegra oral jelly on this webpage. We offer different generic medications without prescriptions and at affordable prices.

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