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Herbal Himalaya drugs


At this section of our online pharmacy, you can find brand medications made by Himalaya Herbals Company. The company had been established in 1930 by Mohammad Manal in Indian city Bengaluru. This company doesn’t produce conventional medications. It specializes on herbal and mineral compounds based on Ayurvedic medicine which is an ancient traditional Indian medicine aimed to balance the soul and the body. The effectiveness of the Ayurvedic recipes and compounds had been proven by years of its use all around the world. Himalaya Herbals is the most known Ayurvedic medicines brand in the world; it is this company that promoted the spread of this amazing knowledge gathered throughout centuries all over the world.

AshvaGandha 60 caps
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Brahmi 60 pills
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Confido 60 caps
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Diabecon 60 caps
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EveCare 30 caps
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Gasex 100 tablets
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Geriforte 100 tablets
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Hair Loss Cream 50 ml
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Himplasia 30 caps
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Shallaki 60 caps
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Currently, there are multiple Ayurvedic medicines brands on the market but only Himalaya has an immaculate reputation built for over 90 years. The products of the brand meet international safety standards and are approved by the FDA. So if you want to buy Ayurvedic medication, you should definitely opt for this brand.

The medicinal and cosmetic products produced by Himalaya are based exclusively on natural components. They include root, leaves, seed extracts, resin from the trees that grow in a perfectly pure environment of Indian mountains. If there is a mineral in the compounds, you can be certain that it is a naturally found components, for instance, sea creatures shells, natural crystals, Shilajit (mumijo), and others. The amazing property of these products is that they contain extracts that have a very potent effect. For instance, to have the same effect from the plants themselves, you would need to consume quite a significant amount. Besides, Himalaya chooses the most effective components for their products and combines them in specially designed compounds in which each ingredient enhances the effect of the other.

Himalaya Herbals combines the knowledge of traditional Indian medicine with new technologies. This ensures the highest standard purification and fitting in the small tablets and capsules a large number of active components. Many of the Himalaya Herbals medications are multi-purpose because the plants have an amazing property to solve several health problems at once. For instance, a single compound can be beneficial for mental disorders caused by stress and also improve immunity and digestion (for instance, AshvaGandha). Others have a potent effect on the joints, digestive system, and sight (for instance, Shallaki). Besides, there are capsule which can be taken orally or opened and the powder within them can be used topically in skin diseases (for instance, Brahmi).

If you don’t know what medication you should choose, you can use our simple guide below. Here you can find the names of the supplements and their indications for use. Besides, all product pages are linked to the name of the supplement so you can click on the name and but the product right away.

Himalaya Herbals products you can buy at our online drugstore

Himalaya Herbals medicines
Indications for use
AshvaGandha Stress, Chronic fatigue, Exhaustion, Poor immunity, Mental fatigue, Cardiovascular diseases, High arterial tension, Intestinal dysbiosis, Nervous system diseases, Menstrual disorders, Low sex drive, Insomnia, Diabetes, Cognitive functions improvement, Anemia, Arthrosis, Multiple sclerosis, Infertility, Paralysis, Skin diseases.
Brahmi Neurosis, Insomnia, Headache, High mental stress, Memory impairment, Decreased concentration, Prevention of brain degenerative processes in the elderly, Hair loss, Early gray hair, Hearing impairment, Seizures of nervous origin, Epilepsy, Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, Blood purification, Skin diseases
Confido Erectile dysfunction due to any cause, Sexual weakness due to great mental and physical stress, Decreased sex drive, Prostatitis, Low sperm quality and count, Insufficient sperm motility, Problems with conception (male infertility), Nocturnal emissions (ejaculation during the sleep), Premature ejaculation
Diabecon Diabetes, High blood sugar
EveCare Hormonal imbalance, Menstrual disorders, Heavy period, Scanty period, Irregular period, Rare period, Frequent period, Pain during menstruation, Swelling, Infertility, Menopause and postmenopausal period, Menopausal syndrome, Inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs
Gasex Dyspepsia, Bloating, Heaviness in the stomach, Indigestion, Discomfort in the abdomen caused by increased gas formation, Preparation for x-ray examination of the digestive system, Relief of discomfort in the abdomen in the postoperative period, Relief of discomfort in the abdomen in prolonged immobility
Geriforte Strengthening of immunity, Rejuvenation and healing of the body, Saturation of the body with essential nutrients, Weakness, Recovery from illnesses, Inflammation, Respiratory diseases, Allergies, Vitamin deficiency, Multiple sclerosis, Depression, Stress, Low hemoglobin, Vascular weakness, Premature aging, Urological and gynecological diseases, High cholesterol, Prophylaxis of tumors, Brittle hair and nails, Decreased potency and libido, Hypertension or hypotension, Difficulties in adaptation, Living in unfavorable environment, Increased mental and physical stress, Chronic fatigue
Hair Loss cream Hair loss, Hair aging
Himplasia Difficulty urinating, Frequent urination, Frequent night urination, Urinary incontinence, Male and female infertility, Diseases of genitourinary system, Low libido, Problems with erection (impotence), Frequent urinary tract infections
Shallaki All types of arthritis (Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, etc.), Arthrosis, Joint pain, Osteochondrosis, Lower back pain, Increased irritability, Digestive disorders, Diarrhea, Vision impairment, Decreased concentration

Although Ayurvedic medications are highly effective and safe for use by anyone, we advise you to keep in mind that some diseases require a comprehensive approach and the use of prescription medicines or even surgery. If you have any malaise, please do visit your healthcare provider first, get the recommendations for your therapy and stick to them. You can also buy Himalaya Herbals medicines and use them as an addition to your treatment plan. Or, if your condition is not urgent or severe, you can try using only Himalaya Herbals medicines. But first, make sure to get checked.

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