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Himalaya Medication (Confido)

Product name:
Confido is an herbal medication that is indicated for various menís health problems of sexual nature. Due to its special natural composition, it is able to solve the problem of premature ejaculation, improve sperm quality and count, help conceiving, beat impotence, facilitate the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, and so on. The supplement also improves overall health and energy levels and has no negative effects on the body. Read our guide to know how to use it properly.
Erectile dysfunction due to any cause, Sexual weakness due to great mental and physical stress, Decreased sex drive, Prostatitis, Low sperm quality and count, Insufficient sperm motility, Problems with conception (male infertility), Nocturnal emissions (ejaculation during the sleep), Premature ejaculation
This herbal supplement helps solving the most common menís health problems of sexual nature
Himalaya Herbals
Himalaya Herbals
Vriddadaru, Gokshura, Jeevanti, Shaileyam
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  Herbal Medication guide:

What is Confido and when is it used?

Confido is a brand of the herbal supplement made by the renowned Ayurvedic medications company Himalaya Herbal Medicines which is on the market for over 90 years. This herbal supplement is based on several herbal components mixed in the scientifically selected adjusted for the purpose of improving men’s health. The components of this herbal supplement are effective even when used separately but together they form a perfect natural formula for the solution of such male problems as impotence, seed failure, during-sleep ejaculations and premature ejaculation.

How does Confido acts and what are its effects?

This medication is developed by the pharmacists of Himalaya Herbal Medicines to help men all over the world improve or restore their reproductive functions using natural means. Confido by Himalaya improves sperm quality and count, elevates testosterone level, and renders a generally rejuvenating and toning effect on the male body.

The supplement has many positive reviews, men of all ages report the improvement of their health including the curing of sexual dysfunctions. It is an effective means to cope with problems related to low testosterone and general aging processes in the male body. Due to its herbal nature, the supplement is a gentle modifier of all processes. It doesn’t have the negative effects that can occur in the use of synthetic drugs such as hormonal imbalance, nervous system disorders, metabolic disorders, and so on. The additional effects of this herbal medication are improved memory and normalization of appetite.

Confido helps with urine retention in prostatitis, improves blood circulation in the pelvic area, renders an anti-inflammatory effect on the reproductive organs, rejuvenating effect on the whole body, improve reproductive function, positively affect seminal vesicle contraction, promotes the production of healthy sperm, increase sex drive, and helps maintaining the right hormonal balance. However, you should give the supplement some time to see the results. Plant-based supplements have proven efficiency and no negative effects on the body but they need more time for a user to see the results than the synthetic drugs.

When Confido can be used?

You can buy Confido for:

Uses of Confido by Himalaya Herbal Medicines
Erectile dysfunction due to any cause
Sexual weakness due to great mental and physical stress
Decreased sex drive
Low sperm quality and quantity
Insufficient sperm motility
Problems with conception (male infertility)
Nocturnal emissions (ejaculation during the sleep)
Premature ejaculation

Who should not use Confido?

Restrictions for Confido use
Before you buy Confido, you can check its composition and if you see any component you may be allergic to, it is better to refrain from the tablets use. Besides, you can discover that you are intolerant of the medication when you use it and develop any adverse effects.
Women should not use Confido.
Kids younger than 18 years should not use the pills.

What is Confido based on?

- Astercantha longifolia: it is a potent aphrodisiac (means that intensifies sexual desire) that is used in Indian medicine for the treatment of genital and urinary system in men.

- Rauwolfia serpentina: this plant is effective for the relief of stress and insomnia. Considering that premature ejaculation, impotence, and other sexual dysfunctions are often related to stress, this is an important component. Besides, the plant also helps lower arterial tension, cope with arrhythmia and relieve headaches.

- Mucuna pruriens: this plant is a potent aphrodisiac that improves male fertility, promotes sperm production, raises the count of active spermatozoa, improves potency, and regulates erectile function. It acts on the profound causes of these problems as it contains an amino acid which under the biochemical processes in the body transforms into neurotransmitter similar to dopamine involved in the feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, relaxation, as well as plays an important role in cognitive functions (memory, learning, etc.), sense of interest, motivation, etc. This property of the plant makes it a great choice for the treatment of mental disorders, diseases related to low dopamine, and sexual dysfunctions.

- Argyreia speciosa: this plant acts on the level of nervous and musculoskeletal systems rendering a tonic and anti-aging effect. It renders an energizing effect. - Leptadenia reticulata: is a plant that is effective for the rejuvenation and stamina improvement of the body. The translation of the name of the plant from Sanskrit means “giving vital energy”. It is used for the rejuvenation of the body, improvement of the overall health, support of the genitourinary system, and improvement of libido (sex drive).

- Tribulus terrestris: this plant helps to improve the urinary system function, has a selective anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic effect on the urinary system, improves sperm quality, potency, and is an effective means for the prophylaxis of prostate adenoma and prostatitis. Besides, it is effective for the treatment of liver and kidneys diseases, it is even used for kidney stones. It purifies them due to the significant content of silicic acid. It helps with joints diseases, promotes excessive water washing out from the body and relieves swelling.

How is Confido used?

The use of the pills depends on the problem you wish to solve, keep this in mind when you order Confido:

- Premature ejaculation treatment is made with 1 tablet taken twice a day for 2-4 weeks;

- Ejaculation during sleep or sperm release without any sexual activity treatment is made with 1 tablet twice a day for 4-6 weeks with the subsequent intake of 1 tablet once a day for 4 weeks.

- For other dysfunctions, take 1 tablet once a day or twice a day depending on the condition severity for 4 weeks.

Where can you buy Confido?

We offer you to order Confido online without leaving your home. You will receive your order wherever you are as we ship internationally.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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