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Himalaya Medication (Diabecon)

Product name:
Diabecon is a natural-components-based supplement that has proven efficacy for blood sugar lowering in diabetes. Besides lowering blood sugar by washing out the excess of glucose and helping with sugar cravings, it also restores beta-cells of the pancreas responsible for insulin production. In mild to moderate insulin-independent diabetes, it can be used without any prescription drugs only with a diet. In severe diabetes, it is advised to follow your doctor’s orders for prescription drugs use and use Diabecon as a supplement.
The herbal drug helps naturally lowering blood sugar and restoring beta-cells of the pancreas responsible for insulin production
Himalaya Herbals
Himalaya Herbals
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  Herbal Medication guide:

What is Diabecon and when is it used?

Diabecon is a multi-plant-based supplement developed by Himalaya Herbals. This supplement is designed to lower the blood sugar in diabetes. You can buy Diabecon and use alone if your condition allows, or with prescription medicines.

Himalaya Herbals is the most known brand of Ayurvedic (traditional Indian herbal medicine) medicines in the world. It has gained a good reputation both among people who prefer only natural cures and those who mostly rely on synthetic drugs.

Diabecon helps normalizing blood sugar within just two-three weeks. It naturally reduces the cravings for sugar, normalizes appetite as well as kidney and liver function. The action of the medication is similar to insulin.

Diabecon causes a gradual restructuring of chemical processes in the body. It means that it doesn’t simply reduce the symptoms but cures the underlying reason. Clinical tests of the medication show that a month of its intake causes the stable positive results.

In mild forms of diabetes or predisposition to diabetes, Diabecon can be used alone with the recommended diet without prescription drugs. But in severe diabetes form, it should be used as an additional therapy to the traditional one.

How does Diabecon act?

The plants contained in Diabecone elevate the glycogen level in muscles and liver cells, provide restoration of beta-cells (cells responsible for insulin production) and elevate the level of C-peptide. Diabecone has an antioxidant effect, it protects beta-cells from oxidative impact.

Diabecone acts like insulin. Reducing the level of glycan-saturated hemoglobin, normalizing microalbuminuria and lipids content, reduces to the minimum the diabetic complications.

What components does Diabecon comprise?

Component name
Commiphora wightii, also known as Indian bdellium-tree or gugal. The most effective component of this plant for medicinal purposes is its resin. The resin has potent healing properties, it purifies the body, has a rejuvenating effect, promotes the washing out of toxins and heavy metals from the body, promotes metabolism, lowers cholesterol, and promotes the function of the thyroid gland.
Shilajit or mumijo is a natural mineral-organic complex. It contains more than sixty chemical components and more than eighty minerals of natural origin needed to support vital balance in the body. The difference between this substance and the synthesized substances is that Shilajit contains the minerals in an ion form which have been absorbed by the plants from the air and earth and then made its way back to earth. This makes the minerals easily and completely absorbed into the body, and provide the fullest effect.
Gymnema sylvestre It is a plant that is used in Ayurvedic medicines for the correction of body weight and treatment of diabetes. This plant helps with sugar cravings including those of emotional origin. Besides, it also helps washing out the accumulated sugar in the body, helps restoring beta-cells in the pancreas which are responsible for insulin production. It renders an anti-inflammatory effect, betters metabolism, and liver function, renders anti-puffiness, and toning effects. Interestingly, the plan contributes to sugar level lowering only in people with elevated sugar levels.
Glycyrrhiza clabra also known as Liquorice. Lowers arterial tension and cholesterol, improves blood circulation. It acts as a conductor for other medicines, helping to deliver them to the right organs in the shortest possible time.
Syzygium cumini known as Malabar plum or black plum. It is a very juicy and fragrant fruit that has many tannins and resins, as well as organic acids, pectin, vitamins A, C, PP and group B, minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and others. Its main healing property is the lowering of blood sugar.
Cryptocrystalline known in Ayurveda as Akik pishti. It is a good heart function toner. It is used for the blood-stopping effect. It strengthens the brain and heart, useful for bronchitis and asthma. Besides, it is used in a deficit of calcium in the body, contributes to the elimination of kidney stones, restores energy, and is useful for the liver, and in spleen disorder.
Boerhavia diffusa also known as Punarnava. It is a plant that promotes healthy kidney and genitourinary system function. It rejuvenates all body tissues, reduces puffiness, purifies blood, stops bleeding, and has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect. Besides, it also lowers blood glucose and stimulates heart function.
Purified tin called in Ayurveda Vang bhasma. It is crushed and processed tin. It is used to improve endurance and intelligence, treat asthma, cough and other problems with the respiratory system, diabetes, and genitourinary diseases. It helps to cope with parasites, treats anorexia and has a beneficial effect on skin quality.
Abhrak Bhasma (Siliciolithos). It is purified and processed mica. It contains important microelements, helps with bad digestion, asthma, bronchitis, and other diseases of the respiratory tract, fever, continuous bleeding, cough and flu, diabetes, low hemoglobin count, skin diseases, urinary system disorders, spleen diseases, and parasites. It is also used for the treatment of infertility and for a general rejuvenating effect.
Coral powder. It is very rich in calcium so it is used for diseases related to calcium deficiency, including osteoporosis, and others.

Who should not use Diabecon?

In general, everyone can buy Diabecon and use the medication because the natural components contained in the pills act smoothly and gently causing gradual changes in the chemical processes in the body. However, some people may be intolerant of the components of the medication. If you start using the medication as indicated in the instruction and develop any unpleasant symptoms, stop using it.

Pregnant women should consult their doctors before using any medications or supplements as they are in general not advised to use any drugs if they are not used to treat life-threatening conditions.

How is Diabecon used?

In mild to moderate forms of diabetes, you should use 2 pills two times a day 30-40 minutes before a meal. You can take the first dosage before breakfast and another one before lunch or dinner. For severe cases, the dosage can be increased to 3 tablets per intake. The treatment course is three months.

Where can you buy Diabecon?

You can order Diabecon from our online pharmacy. We ship all of the offered products internationally via standard and express shipping. For orders over $170 we offer free standard shipping.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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