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Himalaya Medication (Gasex)

Product name:
Gasex is a natural herbal and mineral supplement that is effective for digestive tract problems. It contains plant extracts and crushed shells which effectively cleanse the digestive tract of toxins and waste, and reduce inflammation. This contributes to lower gastric acidity, elimination of heaviness in the stomach, gases, burping, diarrhea, constipation, irregular stools, and so on. The drug is especially recommended for bedridden people whose digestive system function is impaired due to immobilization. Find out how to use the supplement from the guide below.
Dyspepsia, Bloating, Heaviness in the stomach, Indigestion, Discomfort in the abdomen caused by increased gas formation, Preparation for x-ray examination of the digestive system, Relief of discomfort in the abdomen in the postoperative period, Relief of discomfort in the abdomen in prolonged immobility
Gasex helps to improve digestion and relieve unpleasant indigestion symptoms
Himalaya Herbals
Himalaya Herbals
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  Herbal Medication guide:

What is Gasex and when is it used?

Gasex is a brand of Indian herbal medicines company known popular worldwide, Himalaya Herbals. Gasex is a compound based on natural ingredients chosen and combined in such a way that they improve digestion and solve many digestive tract problems.

The manufacturer of this compound is a well-known Ayurvedic medicines developer and manufacturer. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science of healing; a traditional medicine based on the use of vulnerary plants and naturally found minerals. The medicines provided by Ayurveda are aimed at the solving of the underlying reasons of the diseases and not the symptoms. But you should know that when you buy Gasex or any other Ayurvedic medication, you need to give it some time before you can notice substantial results. Herbal medicines normalize the processes in the body gently without sharp changes like synthetic drugs.

You can buy Gasex by Himalaya for:

Indications for Gasex use
Dyspepsia (bloating, heaviness in the stomach after eating), indigestion
Discomfort, tension in the abdomen caused by increased gas formation
Preparation of patients for x-ray examination of the digestive system
Relief of discomfort in the abdomen in the postoperative period
Relief of discomfort in the abdomen in prolonged immobility of the patient due to illness

The supplement normalizes digestive tract functioning, it promotes cleansing of the body of toxins and waste thereby increasing the efficiency of assimilation of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Gasex effectively regulates digestive process and its diseases. It has potent antispasmodic effect which helps neutering excess of gastric acid and eliminates the symptoms occurring due to its overproduction.

The plants that are contained in the pills as well as unique powder of shell Kauri promote the washing out of toxins and this, in turn, eliminates bloating, gas and a feeling of heaviness that appears after overeating. Gasex relieves discomfort and returns the intestines to a comfortable state.

What Gasex is based on?

Component name
Triphala It is an ancient powdery compound that contains three fruits emblic (emblica officinalis, emblic myrobalan), chebulic myrobalan (terminalia chebula, chebulic myrobolan), beleric or bastard myrobalan (terminalia bellerica, beleric myrabolan). It effectively cleans all organs and systems and strengthens immune system. Thanks to this effect, the well-being of a person improves significantly. Regardless of the age, the person much less often gets sick and suffers from gastrointestinal upsets. The compound improves skin condition, joint pains disappear, various injuries on the body - wounds and abrasions heal faster, energy level and performance increases. Besides, Triphala eliminates many gastrointestinal pathogens, acts as an enterosorbent.
Kauri bhasma It is appointed for calcium deficiency, allergy, and tooth problems. It is also effective for digestive disorders such as increased acidity of the stomach, diarrhea, bleeding, burning sensation during urination, irritation and inflammation of the eyes, numbness of the arms and legs. It is used to improve digestion, treat malosorption, asthma, bronchitis, fever, tuberculosis, chronic bronchial diseases, eye diseases, oligospermia.
False black pepper (Embelia ribes) This plant has potent anti-cough and anti-diarrhea effects. The seeds of the plant are used for the stimulation of childbirth and as a water pill.
Black pepper (Piper nigrum) This plant improves digestive movements of the stomach and eliminates excessive slime. It has an antiseptic and antibacterial effects, as well as improves blood circulation and immunity, helps in bloating, constipation, food poisoning, and respiratory diseases.
Sea shells ash (Shankha bhasma) This is a powder made from sea shells. It helps in vomiting, ulcer, poisoning, hair loss, gastritis, calcium deficiency, allergy, and teeth problems.

How is Gasex used?

The supplement is taken by 2-3 pills twice a day 30 minutes before or right after a meal with a glass of warm water.

Who should not use Gasex?

In general, herbal supplements are well-tolerated but some people can be intolerant of certain herbs or elements contained in the pills. If you feel that your condition worsens or you experience any adverse effects with Gasex, stop using it.

Where can you buy Gasex?

We have a wide range of traditional and herbal medications. You can order Gasex and any other medicines or supplements from our drugstore and get them shipped to your doorstep wherever you are as we ship internationally.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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