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Levitra is a stabilizer of potency. It is a medication to cure erectile dysfunction. Generic Levitra is a highly productive drug for therapy of men’s sexual dysfunctions. The drug makes a worthy competition to the well-known Viagra. The actual ingredient of Levitra – Vardenafil – a colourless hard sample retarder of type 5 enzyme (PDE-5). Levitra is manufactured in the form of a circular biconvex light orange pill, one side of which is a figure designating the quantity of proactive drug’s content, on the other side you can notice the mark of a cross, denoting the manufacturer, the German pharmacy company «Bayer».
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Levitra (Generic Vardenafil)
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  Generic Medication guide:

According to the guidance of Generic Levitra usage, the major symptom for its usage is erectile dysfunction, which emerges itself as incomplete or inadequate erection or its complete lack. The acceptation of Levitra can be prescribed even in case of intensely expressed sexual dysfunction. According to studies, even on the basis of full impotence after a month of drug using in almost all patients extensive experience of male power recovery can be noticed. Levitra can also be prescribed to men who have of premature ejaculation trouble. As practice manifests, medication can extend sexual coitus by holding ejaculation. The feedbacks about Levitra assert that sexual coitus with previous accepting of this drug much longer than sexual acts without taking this pill.

Pharmacological action

The enzyme PDE-5 inhibits vasodilatation of the penis and diminishes erection. Vardenafil prevents the impact of this enzyme that loosens smooth muscles of blood vessels and makes blood flow back to the heart and to penis tissues better. The consequence is long-lasting and powerful erection. But the erection happens only under circumstance of existence of sexual pacing, as only during sexual excitation of nerve endings outcome of nitric oxide happens, which initiates guanylate cyclase enzyme that is accountable for the chain of courses needed to resolute erectile dysfunction. It is significant to commemorate the major concept of Levitra – it does not generate erection, it improves men’s erection from sexual stimulation. If you buy Generic Levitra and start using it, remember that its action can be seen in 20-25 minutes after reception and in most cases persists up to 5-6 hours.

Interaction with other drugs

Before starting the therapy, learn the main points of drug’s intercourse with other medicaments. From the time since it has become prominent that alpha-blockers motive a descending in blood pressure, particularly postural hypotension and syncopation, cooperation of alpha-blockers and Levitra at joint application carefully studied. Two researches have been carried as for drug interactions in healthy willing men with normal blood pressure treated with alpha-blockers tamsulosin or terazosin with the rapid increase in dose to the maximum or close to them within 14 days or less. After adding received therapy Levitra hypotension occurred in a significant number of study participants. Among recipients terazosin hypotension developed more frequently in the case if Levitra and terazosin was administered so as to achieve a Cmax of coincidence in time than in the case if Cmax differed in time by 6 hours. These studies may be of limited clinical value because they were carried with the involvement of healthy volunteers and after obliged titration of doses (so the study participants failed to achieve stabilization AD in patients getting alpha-blockers).

Research drug interactions of Generic Levitra were also conducted in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), receiving stable doses of tamsulosin or terazosin. In the appointment of Levitra in doses of 5, 10, or 20 mg patients receiving stable doses of tamsulosin, an additional decrease of the average blood pressure was observed. When simultaneously receiving Levitra at a dose of 5 mg and tamsulosin at a dose of 0.4 mg, 2 of 21 patients was observed orthostatic hypotension a drop in systolic blood pressure below 85 mm Hg. article When you receive Levitra at a dose of 5 mg and tamsulosin with 6-hour intervals of systolic orthostatic hypotension with a fall in blood pressure less than 85 mm Hg. art has also developed in 2 of 21 patients. In a subsequent study, a one-time appointment Levitra in doses of 10 mg and 20 mg and tamsulosin in doses of 0.4 mg and 0.8 mg of cases of orthostatic fall in systolic blood pressure below 85 mm Hg. the article was not there. Simultaneously with the appointment of Levitra at a dose of 5 mg and terazosin in doses of 5 mg or 10 mg, one of 21 patients was observed symptomatic postural hypotension. When receiving Levitra at a dose of 5 mg and terazosin at intervals of 6 hours cases fall AD was not. The results obtained should be taken into account when deciding about the time of prescribing.

Combined appointment Levitra and alpha-adrenoblockers is permissible only when there is stable blood pressure settings in patients receiving alpha-blockers, while Levitra should be assigned in minimum recommended dose, component 5 mg. you should Not take Levitra at the same time, with alpha-blockers, except tamsulosin reception which may coincide in time with the reception Levitra.

Simultaneous application of digoxin (0.375 mg) and Levitra (20 mg) a day for more than 14 days is not followed by drug interaction.

The method of drug’s reception and advised dosage

According to the medical guidance, Levitra is used orally inside, independently of meals, a pill washed down with enough quantity of water, do not chew the pill. The drug is taken 30-60 minutes before estimated sexual act once a day. Its action perseveres for 6 hours, for this reason, even if the admission of Levitra to exercise 4-6 hours before the intercourse, during it, the erection is powerful enough.
As some feedbacks of men say, Levitra has a capacity to evoke stable erection even for 8-10 hours. The guidance for Generic Levitra advises starting the drug with primary dose of 10 mg. For men older than 65 years, as well as men with mild disturbances of the liver and/or kidney illnesses starting dose is 5 mg, which, if is needed, and good durability can be expanded to 10 mg. The maximum daily dose Levitra should not be overfilled than 20 mg. This dosage is allowable when poorly expressed effect after taking 10 mg, diabetes or prostatectomy. By virtue of the personal features of each of the male body and personal endurance Levitra appropriate dosing is often determined by the man by trial and error (of course within reasonable limits). But in any case before using Levitra you should ask for a piece of advice in your doctor.


Levitra is contraindicated to take: f you are hypersensitive primary or secondary drug ingredients; women and children under 16;men suffering from serious cardiovascular diseases (arterial hyper - and hypotension, angina, etc.);patients who have had a recent stroke, myocardial infarction or other diseases after which prohibited sexual activity; simultaneously with drugs with nitrates.

Before to order Generic Levitra and to start drug’s admission, pay attention to the following information:
1. The efficiency of the product is not decreased when administered simultaneously with alcohol and/or fatty food.
2. It is strictly forbidden simultaneous reception of Levitra and other similar drugs (Viagra, Cialis)
3. You can not use Levitra together with grapefruit or grapefruit juice
4. In patients with liver disease the result obtained after applying Levitra insignificantly lower than in comparatively healthy men
5. The medical guideline for Levitra advises with caution to take the drug in case of: obstacle of left ventricle, curve and strain of penis, aorta’s narrowing, inclination to evolve priapism, cavernous fibrosis, damaged renal function and liver, peptic ulcer disease, retina’s degenerate diseases.

Side effects

Levitra is mostly well tolerated by the body. Side effects are minor or moderate. Roughly 5-7 men out of a hundred with application of Levitra can feel headache, facial flushing as a result of a rush of blood and nasal congestion. Nausea and dizziness, drowsiness, edema, photophobia, back pain, increase or decrease in blood pressure, drowsiness, blurred vision, nasal bleeding are less observed in patients after taking this remedy.

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