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Other Medication (Diprogenta)

Generic name:
Brand name:
Betamethasone Dipropionate and Gentamicin Sulfate
The medication sold under the name Diprogenta is a combination of two substances: betamethasone glucocorticosteroid, gentamicin - an antimicrobial agent. The formulation is available in a form of cream, ointment, eye cream, and eye drops. Skin ointment is indicated in various inflammatory skin conditions associated with itching such as psoriasis, contact and atopic dermatitis (childhood eczema, allergic dermatitis), neurodermatitis, lichen planus, eczema, and others. Find out how to use it from the guide below.
Psoriasis, Contact and atopic dermatitis, Childhood eczema, Allergic dermatitis, Neurodermatitis, Lichen planus, Eczema, Eczematous dermatitis, Intertriginous dermatitis, Dyshidrosis, Seborrheic dermatitis, Exfoliative and solar dermatitis, Itching of the anus and external genital organs
The cream effectively helps to reduce inflammation and itching
Alcomicin, Apogen, Bristagen, Cidomycin, Diprogen, G-Mycin, G-Myticin, Garamycin, Garamycin Otic Solution, Garasone Ophthalmic Ointment Genoptic Liquifilm, Genoptic S.O.P., Gentacidin, Gentafair, Gentak, Gentamar, Jenamicin, Lupider G, Ocu-Mycin, Otomax Ointment, Sandoz Pentasone, Septopal, Spectro-Genta, Topagen, U-gencin, Valisone G
Diprogenta (Generic Betamethasone Dipropionate and Gentamicin Sulfate)
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Order Generic Betamethasone Dipropionate and Gentamicin Sulfate Buy Diprogenta 0.05/0.1%g

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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Generic Diprogenta?

Generic Diprogenta is the main helper against itching, swelling, redness, and the other symptoms which are usually caused by difficult skin conditions, in particular inflammation. The drug comes in a cream form, which means that you use it by applying quite a small amount of the cream on your skin, in the place where the pain is sharp. The medication is also sold under the names Generic Betamethasone Dipropionate and Generic Gentamicin Sulfate – these are the names of significant drug ingredients which are in its composition. This preparation can easily help you to relieve your pain and ease the symptoms. Nevertheless, it requires the responsible usage and regular application. For more information on the healing properties of the drug you can either do some research or consult the professional medical worker by attending the consultation. The second option is more convenient, because you can ask the doctor all the questions which seemed unclear in the drug instructions, examine your individual state and get the professional recommendations.

Short drug info
Components of the drug Betamethasone + Gentamycin
Composition betamethasone – glucocorticosteroid gentamicin - an antimicrobial agent
Pharmacological group Glucocorticoids in combinations
Available formulations cream for external use, ointment for external use, eye and ear drops, eye ointment
Other names Akriderm GENTA, Belogen, Betagenot, Garazon, Diprogent, Kuterid G, Celederm with gentamicin, Celestoderm-B with Garamycin

Safety information

Before your treatment starts, you have to check some necessary information that helps you to stay safe. For example, the main rule of this drug is its meaning only for external usage and never for the internal. Avoid the contact of the crème with your eyes, and if this contact has happened by accident, you have to flush the eyes with cool water as soon as possible. You should check if other medications that you are using at the same time as this one contain the corticosteroid in its chemical composition – if they do then you should better keep yourself from using them to avoid the interaction. The diaper area of child’s skin should be treated very carefully and if you are doing this, you should avoid dressing the small child in very tight diapers or something else that can tighten this area. Generally, it is allowed to be using this medication on children who are younger than thirteen years old, however the safety of this use has not been scientifically or medically proved, and this means that you should be especially cautious when you use this preparation on a child. The medication is known to be affecting the growth rate among children and teenagers, and this means you have to take them for checks on a regular basis. The vaccinations are also important enough because they are not recommended to have while using the cream. For women who plan on becoming pregnant, it is recommended to consult the doctor before actual pregnancy because there might be some special benefits and risks of using the preparation in this state. Same thing occurs with breast-feeding: you need to talk out all the possible situations that might happen with your therapist.

If you have outweighed all the possible risks, then it might be the right time for you to start searching for the drug on the worldwide web. The internet drug shops offer favourable prices and large discounts, so it would be wise of you if you decide to buy Generic Diprogenta online. The online pharmacy has a large database of drugs with a big potential to develop, so if you buy Generic Betamethasone Dipropionate online, you certainly will not regret your choice. Buy Generic Diprogenta and get your multiple client benefits.

How to use the cream properly

Follow the medical care provider’s instructions and your prescription label. The exact instructions about dosing should be given by the doctor and fulfilled daily. The affected area has to be treated by a small amount of cream which needs to be gently rubbed in and distributed over the whole inflammation area. You need to wash your hands properly after applying the medication unless the cream was used on them as a part of treatment. Try not to touch other people and objects with unwashed hands. Applying the cream on your face and other sensitive parts is not recommended, as it might cause an unexpected side reaction. The area of treatment should not be covered with bandages or some clothing if your doctor has not told you to do this way. Missing the dose of Generic Diprogenta means that you need to apply another dose as soon as you can, unless your next dose time is approaching. Using too much cream is unhealthy.

Before your treatment you are highly recommended to recall and examine the medical conditions that you have experienced in the past or that you are struggling with nowadays. You need to share the whole history of your health experiences with the doctor and figure out if this medication is suitable for you. The most important points that you need to mention about are being pregnant, planning pregnancy or breast-feeding a baby, consuming any kind of other medication, including herbal medicine and dietary supplements, being allergic to the components of this medicine or some other one, skin infections, tuberculosis, shingles, chickenpox, measles, thinning of the skin, positive skin test for TB, or recent vaccinations. Except this, you should ask your medical care provider which medicaments actually interact with Generic Betamethasone Dipropionate and try to avoid these ones. However, this drug is known not to reach the blood so the risk of interaction of it with the other medical preparations is quite low.

Side effects

This medication could cause the side effects at times, even though it is not really common to get them. Sometimes you can experience dry skin or mild stinging when the medication is applied on your skin. Some more serious side issues include allergies, excessive hair growth, inflammation around your mouth, weakness in muscles, skin color change, rapid weight gain etc. You should immediately seek the medical help if any of these effects have happened to you, or if you have felt some other discomfort while using this preparation. Except this, you can call poisoning hot line or report your side effects to FDA in order to help improve this medication.

How to buy Generic Diprogenta online?

When the medical shops based on the internet websites have appeared in our everyday life, it has become much easier to buy drugs online because you are able to pick everything you need from the pharmacy’s large database of medicaments. The internet pharmacies contain all possible kinds of medications – they are sorted by their medical meaning there so you can easily find and choose the one you need to buy. The navigation of the internet drug websites is very simple, so it is a few-minute deal to order Generic Diprogenta online. Your opportunity to order Generic Betamethasone Dipropionate online is extremely beneficial and will result into reliable customer service provided by the pharmacy. Do not waste your great chance to order Generic Gentamicin Sulfate online for the lowest price possible.

Generic Diprogenta shipping by 4Rxstore

Compared to the purchases that you perform in your local medical shops that are located in the area, the internet pharmaceutical stores are widely known to be less time-consuming and more beneficial to every person who wants to order drugs online. The great benefit that you will be given after ordering your drug is world wide shipping which works quickly and is really cheap. The other good news is that you have a chance to order USA shipping with USPS and shipping with track which makes your drug able to be tracked on or another postal services. Reship by our company is always provided to you on request. The shipping comes in two main options: standard (14-25 days) and fast (7-12 days), so you may choose the suitable one for you.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

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