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Other Medication (Antabuse)

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Itís been over 65 years now that the researches working on a potential remedy for parasitic infestations discovered how Disulfiram can produce very severe side effects when combined with alcohol, and ever since then itís used as a support for treating chronic alcoholism. The drug does nothing to inhibit oneís desire for alcohol, but over short to moderate periods of time it can help as a chemical barrier for drinking and is used in as a part of the overall therapy designed to get patients off of alcohol completely. Itís also been used in treatments for cocaine addiction, with moderate success.
Treatment and prophylaxis of alcoholism, Chronic nickel intoxication
The medication helps to treat alcoholism and prevent relapses
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Consern Pharma PVT LTD
Antabuse (Generic Disulfiram)
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What is Disulfiram?

First of all, you will not find Disulfiram in stores under that name. This potent drug is marketed in different countries as Antabuse or Antabus, a drug manufactured by Odyssey Pharmaceuticals. You can buy Antabuse online through various stores promising discreet deliveries, but it is always recommended that you consult your doctor before you start therapy with this particular drug as it’s very heavy on the potentially dangerous chemicals that don’t really work well with other medicine.

Short drug info
Trade names Antabuse, Antabus, others
Pregnancy category US: C (Risk not ruled out)
Routes of administration Oral, subdermal implant
Legal status

UK: POM (Prescription only)

US: Rx-only

Elimination half-life 60–120 hours

The drug Disulfiram itself has been known for almost a full century, but it’s effects when combined with alcohol have been discovered for only about 60 years. There are studies showing it can also be used in treating other kind of addictions, especially ones connected to the dopamine neurotransmitter. Disulfiram chemical formula is C10H20N2S4  and it comes in the form of a pill meant for oral intake or in the form of a subdermal implant (common with patients who want to use Disulfiram treatment but do not trust the care of their supervisors to enforce regular dosing which is necessary for the pill’s effects to manifest).

How does it work?

There’s some pretty complex chemistry behind how Disulfiram helps patients overcome their chemical addiction. The effect is not direct, but indirect. When you drink alcohol, it’s being broken down in your liver into more harmless components, one of them being acetaldehyde. This particular component is not broken down completely, and is responsible for the so called "hangover" effect.

Disulfiram inhibits enzymes that break down acetaldehyde, which results in extremely elevated amounts of this component being spread through the organism - 5 to 10 times more than what a liver would create if normal metabolic processes were taking place. It gives an immediate negative reaction to alcohol intake, producing effects of an extreme hangover for at least half an hour, but up to several hours at a time. Effects of this include flushing of the skin, severe shortness of breath, severe nausea, vomiting, visual difficulties and throbbing headaches - with a potential for circulatory collapse.

This is one tough medication to swallow, and as you can see, combining it with the alcohol is a very bad idea. So, while it does nothing to limit the cravings for alcohol with patients, it produces effects so negative that anyone would think more than twice and think really hard before reaching for the glass. This particular treatment should be paired up with counseling and support, as it’s not as effective on it’s own. It’s estimated that just slightly under 50% of the patients on Disulfiram treatment completely stop their alcohol consumption habits after the treatment period is over.

What are the side effects?

Now, this is the part that makes Disulfiram a drug that you really want to consult your doctor about before you start taking it. All of the side effects listed here can come in mild form, but can also manifest as moderate or severe effect. The side effects cover both the pill meant for oral intake and the subdermal implant.

Allergic reaction - Before you order Disulfiram check with your doctor and have yourself tested for allergic reaction as the complex formula means that there are people who will react very poorly to the drug. Problems with Disulfiram allergies may include symptoms like tongue, lips and face swelling, shortness of breath and even closing of the throat. All of these allergic reactions can manifest without alcohol intake.

- Skin rash or acne - More likely to occur than the severe allergic reaction, these are rashes that can affect patients who have increased sensitivity to tetramethylthiuram disulfide, a common component in rubber products. If your skin is extremely sensitive to rubber products, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll break out in rashes during Disulfiram use.

- Metallic taste in mouth - Only a very short therapy will avoid this particular side effect, as many have experienced a metal taste in mouth, or even a garlic taste, which persists until several weeks after discontinuing of Disulfiram use.

- Tiredness - This particular side effect can range wildly from a mild drowsiness to extreme exhaustion and tiredness. It’s a side effect that is to be expected, especially since the patient will most likely be going through an alcohol withdrawal process, but if it reaches moderate or extreme levels you should check with your doctor.

- Large appetite changes - Every drug that messes with Dopamine has this particular side effect, and Disulfiram is not an exception to the rule.  A patient’s appetite may vary wildly from day to day, even from an hour to hour.

- Diarrhea or vomiting - While this is an intended side effect, meant to manifest if the drug is combined with alcohol, there have been cases where moderate or even severe diarrhea or vomiting have been manifested even without alcohol intake. If this occurs, immediately seek emergency medical attention.

Antabuse adverse reactions by incidence

More common/less common
Very rare
Darkening of urine
Eye pain or tenderness or any change in vision
Decreased sexual ability in males
Light gray-colored stools
Mood or mental changes
Severe stomach pain
Numbness, tingling, pain, or weakness in hands or feet
Metallic or garlic-like taste in mouth
Yellow eyes or skin
Eye pain or tenderness or any change in vision
Skin rash

Is Disulfiram/Antabuse effective?

The effectiveness of this kind of pill wildy varies from case to case. It’s primary function is not to cure an alcohol addiction by itself, but as a part of a therapy. After all, while it does have effect while therapy is in progress, a few weeks after a patient stops taking the pill he can begin drinking again with no negative side effects.

A nine year study in Europe (where doctors direct heavy drinkers to buy Disulfiram much more often than in USA) shows that around 50% of patients who have gone through the full Disulfiram treatment have completely stopped drinking, and longer use of Disulfiram are much more effective when compared to short periods of use.

Severe nature of reaction when taken with alcohol is a powerful psychological tool that can help a patient completely turn away from alcohol for longer periods of time, which is why ordering Antabuse is not a bad call at all, as long as your doctor says you’re good to go with such a powerful medication for treating alcohol abuse.

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