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Other Medication (Florinef)

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Florinef (fludrocortisone) is a type of corticosteroid which helps regulate salt and water balance in the body. Florinef can be used to help aid healthy weight loss by making sure the body is not put under stress from rapid weight loss. Find out more about Florinef including how to take Florinef, its pros and cons, possible side effects, and whether these weight loss drugs may be right for you. Save 10% each time you order Florinef online at our cheap generic shop with our customer loyalty program. Why spend more on your medicines when you can get the same quality for less!
Primary adrenal cortex insufficiency, Addison’s disease, Adrenalectomy, Secondary adrenal cortex insufficiency, Adrenogenital syndrome (congenital adrenal hyperplasia), Hypovolemia and arterial hypotension of various origins
The medication increases blood pressure, reabsorption of sodium, water and potassium secretion in the renal tubules
Floricort, 9 Alpha Ff, Alflorone, Astonin-H, F-COL, F-Cortef, Fludrocortisona, Fludrocortone, Fludrone, Fludronef, Fluohydrisone, Fluohydrocortisone, Fluorocortisol
Florinef (Generic Fludrocortisone)
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What is Florinef?

Florinef is the brand name for the active drug fludrocortisone, a type of synthetic corticosteroid. Corticosteroids are hormones naturally found in the body and are very important for all bodily systems, particularly for regulating the balances between water and salt. This regulation is particularly important during any time of physical stress on the body. Without adequate levels of corticosteroids, one could experience symptoms like fainting, exhaustion, pains in muscles, and feeling depressed, amongst others.

Short drug info
Trade names Astonin, Astonin-H, others
Other names StC-1400; 9α-Fluorohydrocortisone; 9α-Fluorocortisol; 9α-Fluoro-17α-hydroxycorticosterone; 9α-Fluoro-11β,17α,21-trihydroxypregn-4-ene-3,20-dione
Pregnancy category C
Routes of administration By mouth
Drug class Corticosteroid; glucocorticoid; mineralocorticoid
Legal status US: Rx-only
Protein binding High
Metabolism Liver
Elimination half-life 3.5 hours

Florinef is primarily prescribed for treating problems related to the adrenal gland that can lead to salt wasting (low levels of salt in the body), like Addison’s disease. Florinef can also be used for treating a wide array of other problems that could cause imbalanced water-salt levels.

Property Name
Property Value
Molecular Weight 380.4 g/mol
XLogP3-AA 1.7
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count 3
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count 6
Rotatable Bond Count 2
Heavy Atom Count 27
Complexity 734
Defined Bond Stereocenter Count 7
Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count 0
Covalently-Bonded Unit Count 1

How is Florinef used for weight loss?

Florinef will not cause the body to lose weight. Rather, Florinef is used to help the body deal with the stress of weight loss. Whenever the body loses significant mass, particularly if the weight loss occurs quickly, it creates stress on the body. The body’s levels of water and salt may then become unbalanced. A doctor may prescribe Florinef along with weight loss drugs to ensure that water-salt levels remain balanced during weight loss.

How to take Florinef

Always take Florinef exactly as it was prescribed to you by a doctor. Typically, Florinef must be taken once per day in the morning. To avoid gastrointestinal disturbances, you should always take Florinef with food. Never suddenly stop taking Florinef without first consulting with your doctor as this could put a strain on your body and cause serious adverse effects. You may need to have your dosage gradually reduced or be monitored while stopping treatment.

What should I know before taking Florinef?

Your body naturally will increase levels of corticosteroids during stress, such as from an injury or sickness. If you undergo any sort of physical stress during treatment with Florinef (such as getting the flu), contact your doctor immediately. You may need to have your Florinef dodsage increased temporarily. Taking Florinef will increase your chances of becoming ill. Contact your doctor right away if you have symptoms of any illness, like the common cold, while taking Florinef. You may be required to have regular blood testing while taking Florinef to monitor your progress. Do not get any vaccinations while taking Florinef unless your doctor tells you it is okay to do so.

What are the side effects of Florinef?

Before you purchase Florinef, talk about the risk of side effects with your doctor to find out which could be serious and which are not worrisome. It is common for Florinef to cause the unserious side effects of dyspepsia, headaches, and changes to menstruation. If you have any of these potentially serious side effects, tell your doctor at once: unusual changes to skin, getting bruised with ease, symptoms of an infection, pains in bones/muscles, pains in abdomen, inflammation, exhaustion, gaining weight, feeling very thirsty, black stools, ocular problems, chronic/severe migraines, unusual pulse, changes to mental state, seizures, or dark vomit.

Who should not take Florinef?

It may not be safe for you to take this medicine. Before you purchase Florinef, make sure your doctor knows of your full medical history, particularly of: blood problems, low bone density, you are diabetic, ocular problems, hypertension, any infection, renal or hepatic disease, mental health problems, mineral deficiencies, gastrointestinal problems, convulsion disorders, or thyroid disorders. Do not take Florinef if you are scheduled to have any surgery in the near future. Florinef is generally not advised for use in children or pregnant women. Breastfeeding women should not take Florinef.

Florinef Interactions

Do not take Florinef with other medicines, particularly other weight loss drugs, until you have gotten approval from your doctor. A serious interaction could occur, particularly with: hypertension medicines, blood thinning drugs, pain medicines (including NSAID drugs like aspirin), hormone-based drugs (including birth control and many menopausal treatments), drugs suppressing immune system, diuretics, or anticonvulsants. Other drugs may interact with fludrocortisones so tell your doctor of all drugs you use.

Where can I buy Florinef?

You can purchase Florinef at any reputable pharmacy where they sell weight loss drugs. If you want to save money on Florinef by purchasing it under the generic name of fludrocortisone, you may need to order Florinef online at a cheap generic shop. When you order Florinef online, always make sure that you are buying the correct dosage.

Do I need a prescription to purchase Florinef?

Most pharmacies require you to have a prescription to buy Florinef. At some pharmacies, you may be able to order Florinef online without a prescription but you may be required to submit your medical history for approval. Regardless of whether you are required to have a prescription for Florinef or not, it is always best to consult with your doctor before taking this medicine.

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