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Other Medication (Namenda)

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Namenda is one of the names under which the substance Memantine is marketed. It is a medication that improves cognitive functions and functional capabilities in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The effect of the medication is due to the blocking of the effect of pathologically increased levels of glutamate which can lead to the dysfunction of neurons. You can find the scheme how the medication should be used, description of possible side effects and how they can be prevented, and so on in the guide below.
Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease
The medication helps to improve cognitive functions and functional capabilities in people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Sun Pharma
Sun Pharma
Admenta, Memantina, Memantinum, Ebixa, Namenda
Namenda (Generic Memantine)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is Namenda and when is this medication used?

The medication sold under the name Namenda is based on the substance Memantine. Namenda is not the only trademark the substance is sold under. Depending on the manufacturer, the name can be different. For instance, you can buy Namenda under the name Admenta, Memantina, Memantinum, Ebixa, and others from other pharmaceutical pharmacies.

Short drug info
Trade names Axura, Ebixa, Namenda, others
Routes of administration By mouth
Pregnancy category

AU: B2

US: B (No risk in non-human studies)

Legal status

AU: S4 (Prescription only)

UK: POM (Prescription only)

US: Rx-only

Bioavailability ~100%
Metabolism Liver (<10%)
Elimination half-life 60–100 hours
Excretion Kidney

The medication is a NMDA receptors antagonist, According to the latest research, the impairment of neuromediation, especially with the participation of NMDA receptors plays an important role in the occurrence and progression of neurodegenerative dementia. The medication blocks the effects of the pathologically increased levels of glutamate which can lead to the dysfunction of neurons.

Throughout the 6-month tests of the daily dosage of 20 mg of Namenda split into two intakes a day in Alzheimer’s disease of mild and severe

stages, were noted such positive effects as stabilization or improvement of the total functional capabilities and cognitive functions.

What are the indications for Namenda use?

You can buy generic Namenda for a person who suffers from:

- Dementia;

- Alzheimer’s disease from mild to severe stages.

When is the use of Namenda contraindicated?

The medication must not be used if it causes severe adverse effects or allergic reactions.

How is Namenda used?

You should buy Memantine and administer it to a person with dementia only under the supervision of a specialist who has qualifications for the treatment of such diseases. The therapy must begin if there is a caregiver who can ensure the use of the medication daily.

The therapy is usually started with a dose of 5 mg a day given in the morning regardless of meals. This dosage is administered for one week. During the second week, the dose of 10 mg a day split into two intakes – one in the morning and one in the evening is given. The dose for the third week is 15 mg a day – 10 mg is given in the morning and 5 mg afternoon. Starting from the fourth week, 20 mg a day split into two intakes – 10 mg in the morning and 10 mg in the afternoon, are given. It is the highest daily dosage and a further increase of the dosage won’t affect the medication’s effectiveness.

The dose should be raised to 20 mg a day only if the prior dosages are well endured. The gradual increase of the dose is required to minimize the probability of negative effects and see how the patient endures the medication.

Patients with kidney failure

- For individuals with mild kidney failure, dosage lowering is not required.

- For individuals with moderate kidney failure, the maximum daily dosage is 10 mg.

- There is no data on the dosages for individuals with severe kidney failure.

What adverse reactions can Namenda and its generic cause?

In general, the medication is well tolerated and the frequency of adverse reactions is close to the one during the use of placebo.

Adverse Reactions Reported in Controlled Clinical Trials in at Least 2% of Patients Receiving NAMENDA and at a Higher Frequency than Placebo-treated Patients

Adverse Reaction
Placebo (N = 922) %
NAMENDA (N = 940) %
Back pain
Accidental Injury
Urinary incontinence

Frequent adverse reactions 1-10% compared to placebo for patients who used Namenda and placebo are: hallucinations (2% vs 0.7% placebo), confusion (1.3% vs 0.3% placebo), dizziness (1.7% vs 1.0% placebo), headache (1.7% vs 1.4% placebo) and fatigue (1% vs 0.3%).

The infrequent adverse effects compared to placebo are anxiety, increased muscle tone, vomiting, cystitis, and increased sex drive.

There are cases of epileptic seizures, mainly in individuals who have previously reported convulsive syndrome.

In the occurrence of allergic reactions, a caregiver should inform a doctor and the lowering of the dosage or even the ending of the therapy may be required.

Interactions of Namenda

Before you buy generic Memantine, make sure to consult a healthcare provider about the interactions of the medication with other drugs the user of the medication uses.

- The medication should not be used with amantadine, ketamine or dextromethorphan or other medicines that affect the same systems and processes as Memantine. Their simultaneous use enhances the risk of negative effects from the central nervous system part.

- There are data on the negative interaction of Namenda with Phenytoin.

- The medication can potentially enhance the effect of Metildopa, dopaminergic agonists and anticholinergics.

- The medication can lower the effect of barbiturates and antipsychotics.

- When it is used with antispasmodics such as dantrolene, Baclofen, and others, dosage adjustments may be needed.

- The risk of the medication’s increased level in the blood plasma exist in the use with cimetidine, ranitidine, procainamide, quinidine, and nicotine.

- Namenda can cause an elevation of hydrochlorothiazide in the blood plasma.

- In the use of antacids with the medication, there is a risk of elevation of urine pH.

Overdose of Namenda

The symptoms are fatigue, sleepiness, or anxiety, psychosis, hallucinations, seizures, stupor, and fainting. Treatment implies measures for the elimination of the symptoms. It is advised to induce vomiting, implement gastric lavage and give the patient sorbents (e.g. activated carbon).

If needed, such procedures as urine oxidation, forced diuresis should be implemented.

Namenda precautions for use

- The medication hadn’t been used in pregnant women so its safety for them isn’t established. It must not be used by breastfeeding women as it can pass into breast milk.

- The safety of Memantine use for kids and adolescents isn’t established.

- There is no data on the medication’s safety in severe kidney failure so its use in such individuals is not recommended.

- Caution should be exerted when the drug is given to people with epilepsy, history of seizures, as well as patients with risk of epilepsy development.

- Some factors that can cause urine pH elevation make it necessary to carefully observe the patient. These factors include change of the diet to a vegan one or use of antacids (heartburn medications) in high doses. Besides, the pH can also increase in tubular kidney acidosis in severe urinary infections caused by Proteus bacteria.

- There are limited data on the safety of Namenda use in individuals who have suffered recent myocardial infarction or other severe heart conditions. Thus, they require careful supervision when the medication is administered.

- The medication can influence the time of reaction and cause sleepiness. Besides, Alzheimer’s disease itself is dangerous for driving or operating any machinery so people with this condition who use the medication must refrain from such activities.

- The medication should not be used along with NMDA antagonists such as amantadine, ketamine or dextromethorphan. Their combined use can cause unwanted reactions, which can occur more often or more.

Where can you buy Namenda?

The drug can be purchased at the regular drugstores. Alternatively, you can order Namenda or a generic version of the medication made by Sun Pharma from our online drugstore. This will save you the money since you won’t be overpaying for the brand name and refill prescription.

Free prescription
Our doctor prescribes online for free, and there is no doctor’s consultation fee.

Discrete packaging
All orders arrive in discrete unmarked parcels. We leave the shipment description blank.

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