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Other Medication (Urso)

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Urso is a medication based on Ursodiol. It is a medication that promotes the dissolving of gallstones, lowering of cholesterol, and improvement of liver function in various diseases and toxic impacts. It can be used by adults and kids. Find out how the dosages are chosen, what adverse effects can the drug cause, and so on from the full guide below.
Cholesterol stones in the gall bladder, Hepatitis, Toxic liver damage, Primary biliary cirrhosis and cystic fibrosis, Primary sclerosing cholangitis, Parenteral cholestasis, Biliary dyskinesia, Biliary reflux gastritis and reflux esophagitis, Chronic opisthorchiasis, Prevention of liver damage when using hormonal contraceptives and cytostatics
The medication helps dissolving gallstones and lower cholesterol level
Actigall, Antigall, Arsacol, Chenodeoxycholic acid, Cholit-ursan, Delursan, Destolit, Deursil, Litursol, Lyeton, Peptarom, Solutrat, UDCS, Ursacol, Ursobilin, Ursochol, Ursodamor, Ursodesoxycholic acid, Ursofalk, Ursolvan
Urso (Generic Ursodiol)
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  Generic Medication guide:

What is the medication sold under the name Urso?

Urso is a brand of the Irish pharmaceutical company Allergan. The active agent of this formulation is Ursodiol. It is used for dissolving of cholesterol gallstones in gallbladder. If you need to buy Urso according to your doctor’s recommendations, you can instead opt for a generic medication with the same composition at a lower price. The same active substance is used in many other medicines made by other companies. Some of the other names the medication can be found under are Antigall, Arsacol, Destolit, Deursil, Litursol, Lyeton, Peptarom, Solutrat, Ursofalk, Ursolvan, and others.

Ursodiol is a primary bile acid which is produced in small quantities in the human body.

Short drug info
Trade names Urso, Actigall, Antigall, Ursacol, Ursobilin, Ursochol, Ursodamor, Ursodesoxycholic acid, others
Other names Ursodiol
Pregnancy category

AU: B3

US: B (No risk in non-human studies)

Routes of administration oral
Legal status

AU: S4 (Prescription only)

CA: Rx-only

UK: POM (Prescription only)

US: Rx-only

The formulation lowers the content of potentially toxic acids. By diminishing the absorption of cholesterol in the bowel and other biochemical effects, it has a cholesterol-lowering effect. It also suppresses cell death due to toxic bile acids, lowers the gastric reflux damaging effect on the cell membranes in reflux disease.

When is Urso used?

You can buy generic Urso for:

- Stones in the gall bladder;

- Hepatitis;

- Toxic liver damage;

- Primary biliary cirrhosis;

- Cystic fibrosis;

- Primary sclerosing cholangitis;

- Cholestasis;

- Biliary dyskinesia;

- Reflux gastritis and reflux esophagitis;

- Prevention of liver damage when using hormonal contraceptives and cytostatics.

When is the use of Urso contraindicated?

Do not buy Ursodiol and use it in:

- Hypersensitivity or intolerance of the medication,

- Acute inflammatory diseases of the gallbladder, bile ducts and intestines, obstruction of the bile ducts, calcified gallstones,

- Decompensated liver cirrhosis,

- Severe impaired renal and/or pancreas function.

Application restrictions

Children's age. The medication can be used in children at a doctor’s discretion since there hadn’t been sufficient clinical studies of the formulation in kids.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

When expecting a baby, the use of Urso is possible only if the anticipated benefit of therapy exceeds the risk to the fetus. Caution is required when used in nursing women because it is not known whether the formulation is found into breast milk or not.

How is Urso used?

You should know that you can buy Ursodiol and use it regardless of your age but the dosages differ based on the body weight and condition treated. The formulation in form of capsules can be used by people with the body weight over 47 kilograms. People who weight less than 27 kg or have trouble swallowing capsules should use it in a form of suspension.

- For the dissolving of cholesterol gallstones the medication is used once a day before sleep in the dosage around 10 mg per kilogram of the body weight.

Body mass, kg Number of capsules
47–60 2
61–80 3
81–100 4
>100 5

Capsules should be taken without chewing and washed down with water. The use of the formulation must be regular.

The treatment course usually is from 6 to 24 months. If the reduction of the gallstones isn’t observed in 12 months, the therapy must be ended. The effectiveness of the therapy must be assessed with ultrasound or x-ray every 6 months. Besides, additional tests should be made to identify possible calcification of the stones. If this happens, the therapy must be discontinued.

- Therapy of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is made with 1 capsule every day before sleep. Treatment course duration depends on the individual’s condition and usually is ten to fourteen days. Therapy of primary biliary cirrhosis is made with an individually chosen dosages around 14-16 mg per kilogram of the body weight. During the first three months of the therapy the daily dosage is split into three intakes. Then, in the improvement of liver function, it should be lowered and the drug used once a day before sleep.

Body mass, kg
Daily dosage, mg/kg body weight
Dosage per intake (morning/day/evening)

Evening dosages in one-time intake per day

Body mass, kg Number of capsules
47–62 3
63–78 4
79–93 5
94–109 6
>110 7

Therapy duration in biliary cirrhosis can be continued without any limits. At the start of the therapy the symptoms can worsen, for instance, itching can intensify. In such cases, the medication should be still used but by 1 capsule a day. Then, the dosage is raised gradually (rising every week by 1 capsule per daily dosage) till the achievement of the recommended dosage.

- Use of Urso in children. In kids with cystic fibrosis aged 6–18 years, the dosage is 20 mg kg day and is split into two to three doses, followed by a dose increase to 30 mg kg day, if needed.

Body mass, kg
Daily dosage, mg/kg body weight
Dosage per intake (morning/day/evening) (capsules by 250 mg)

Urso overdose

The use of high dosages of the medication can cause diarrhea. Other negative symptoms are unlikely as the absorption of the formulation is lowered with the dosage raise and the major part of it is eliminated with feces. In case of diarrhea occurrence, the dosage should be lowered. If the symptom still persists, the therapy must be discontinued.

What adverse effects can Urso use cause?

When you buy generic Ursodiol, keep in mind that it can cause certain adverse reactions such as:

- Diarrhea;

- Pain in the abdomen (in the right side);

- Calcification of the gallstones (very rarely);

- In late stages of primary biliary cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis decompensation can very rarely occur.

- Allergic reactions including skin rash and urticaria.

Can Urso be combined with other medicines?

- With antacids containing aluminum; colestyramine, colestipol reduced absorption of Ursodiol is observed. Do not use these medicines at the same time. If the use of medicines with one of these components is necessary, they should be used at least 2 hours before or after taking Urso capsules;

- With cyclosporine enhanced absorption of the latter in the intestine. Monitoring of the level of cyclosporine in the blood is required and, if necessary, dose adjustment;

- With ciprofloxacin a decrease in the absorption of the latter in the intestine; With oral hypoglycemic drugs increased action of the latter;

- With lipid-lowering medications (clofibrate, bezafibrate, probucol), estrogens weakening of the action of Urso is observed due to a raise in cholesterol in bile.

- Urso influences the effect of nitrendipine, a dose adjustment may be necessary.

- Estrogens, as well as drugs to lower the cholesterol level in the blood, can enhance the secretion of cholesterol by the liver and thus contribute to stone formation in the gallbladder, which is the opposite effect for Urso used to dissolve them.

If you take any other medications at the time you order Urso and start using it, consult your doctor first.

Special recommendations for Urso use

- Urso should be taken under supervision.

- During the first three months of the therapy, functional indicators of liver function should be controlled every month, and then once in three months. This allows us to determine the presence or absence of a response to therapy in primary biliary cirrhosis and identify potential liver dysfunctions in a timely manner, especially in primary biliary cirrhosis in the later stages.

- Use for dissolving cholesterol gallstones. In order to evaluate the progress in treatment, as well as to timely detect any signs of calcification of stones, depending on the size of the stones, a gallbladder should be visualized and examined six to ten months after the start of therapy. Urso should not be used if the gallbladder cannot be seen on x-ray or in the case of calcification of stones, in violation of contractility of the gallbladder or frequent hepatic colic.

- Women taking Urso for dissolving gallstones should use an effective non-hormonal method of birth control, as hormonal can promote the formation of gallstones.

- Therapy of primary biliary cirrhosis at a late stage. Very rarely decompensation of liver cirrhosis is reported. In patients with biliary cirrhosis, it is very rarely possible to increase symptoms at the start of the therapy, for example, itching may intensify. In such cases, the dose of Urso should be lowered to one capsule per day; then the dosage should be gradually raised, as described in the instruction.

- If diarrhea occurs, the dosage should be diminished; if diarrhea does not stop, therapy should be ended.

- Animal studies indicate toxicity of the medication in the early stages of pregnancy. Urso should not be used during pregnancy, except in cases of emergency. Women of reproductive age can take the drug only on condition that they use reliable contraceptives. Non-hormonal birth control or low-estrogen birth control are recommended. Before treatment, pregnancy should be excluded.

Where can you buy Urso?

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